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  1. I read it the other way, that they were going on stale reports. Andi specifically mentioned the blanket ban from Ligue 1 which we've subsequently seen adjusted as long as protocols are in place... hopefully that's the case.
  2. Some surprises in there for sure. Formation change coming as well it seems
  3. Cool. Works for me. Buddies are bailing so may just be me at this point, but am trying to round up a couple others.
  4. Oddly moments after saying he is still being evaluated Gregg confirms no Pulisic. Huge opportunity now to lock up spot in the HEX More details in quote: "Christian is officially at this stage ruled out. We just got that information. This was a collaborative decision with the club. looking after the best interest of the player. These decisions are always difficult because this group and the coaching staff want nothing more than to have Christian here, but it was a risk we weren’t willing to take at this time" https://twitter.com/USMNT/status/1193997226
  5. I'm down to settle on Smithfield if that works for you @ESG Shawn I was the only Voyageur at the AO bar for the 2011 GC game and they were more than hospitable. Probably had something to do with the 2-0 win but they bought me a couple post-game rounds. Only slightly made up for the "it's all your fault" chants on the goals
  6. From the release: "Of note, both Atiba Hutchinson of Beşiktaş JK in Turkey and Cyle Larin of SV Zulte Waregem in Belgium, were unavailable for the camp through personal reasons and will remain with their clubs through the international window." Interesting phrasing there. Wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Robs us of some good depth.
  7. I live down here. Was planning on watching at home with a few buddies but this sounds like a much better idea. Keep us updated on venue
  8. https://fcbayern.com/en/amp/news/2019/11/fc-bayern-relieve-head-coach-niko-kovac-of-his-duties Assistant coach in charge "until further notice". Hopefully he rates Phonzie / his recent performances when the injured starters are healthy again
  9. USMNT roster released. Jozy and Bradley called so hopefully draws in more TFC fans
  10. TSN broadcast during game just now said a couple of friendlies expected before Gold Cup. Guess that unasked question last night at the gathering is answered hah
  11. Looks like he made it to YVR after all. Hard to question his commitment to the team if he's flying half way across the world to cheer on the boys. Great to see
  12. "The kid was devastated. As a coach you're always upset, but you can look down this roster and there's some really good players to step through. But I was just so gutted for him. He was so excited to come back. He had some tears on the phone. He actually couldn't finish his sentences. Someone else picked the phone off him at one point. You feel for him because this meant a lot to him,” concluded Herdman." https://concacafnationsleague.com/en/article/canada-boss-herdman-sees-opportunities-for-others-amid-davies-absence John really going into detail. Tough for Davies but good to
  13. A couple morning-after points from our pitch-side vantage: * Field was incredibly bumpy. I know we always talk about pitch quality away in CONCACAF, but in-person it's much more obvious of an issue. Lots of passes bouncing over feet or changing direction last-second, making it hard to play one-touch. Yes we had more-defensive MFs playing in attacking roles due to Oso/Scotty missing, but a lot of the timidity in central MF seemed to be borne out of caution to minimize counters. Team was very vocal when a SKN got anywhere near a canMNT and saw a lot of backpasses rather than turns upfield (
  14. He's definitely focused on it. These were posted in public hallway at team hotel
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