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Canada vs USA - Pre Game - Bus Arrival


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Greet the team. Own the stadium.

Ok folks, yes it will be cold.  Who cares just f&^(ing be there. 

Bring confetti cannons.  Bring as many as you can carry and hand them out. 

Additional environmental enhancement 'resources' encouraged.

Be on the South Plaza of Tim Horton's Field at 1:00pm.

Bus arrives at 1:20

Gates open 1:30


Help us on Facebook

Join and share the event.  - Because of all the AV bullshit we are seriously throttled by FB.  Where we would get 3k views, we now get 100


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2 minutes ago, sstackho said:

AV bullshit?


Anti Vax stuff, Truck Protests,  Ticket sales...Ect...

It doesn't matter what anyone thinks about it.  If you post about it, including ticket sales, your channel gets smashed.

Traffic for the Event on our page.

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