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Can anyone understand this?

Free kick

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10 hours ago, Big_M said:

understand in which sense

I was clear up until the 2:15 minute mark of the video.  Then i got lost here:

1) if you load up the wings with 4-5 players in the attacking area described,   then how can you work the ball into a good scoring area.  They say that most of their goals come from inside the box and i notice that as well in all the soccer games you see but,  how do you work the ball into the box and into a good scoring area when you (and the guys who have to score) are playing in a more confined area of the pitch.  If you overload that area with support from the forward, so can the defenders.  Eventually you have to work the ball into an area where there is a better scoring/shooting angle.  But the vid said they they dont play much into the middle.  Also if the fwds are overloading that area, then they are not in the best area to finish.

2) usually wing play is valuable for openning up the middle.  In otherwords, if the defenders have to respect  the wing backs and their runs, then there are more one on one opportunities for the attackers when it played into the middle.  Weak wing play results in poor crosses and poor balls into the box.  Or very few balls or runs  into the box.  Someone has to be at the end of the play anyways, so is it really about tactics or having a good finisher? But if the finisher is not in the best area to finish, then what. 

3). Some of the hightlight you see of Alphonso Davies:  He is at his best and dangerous  when he has acres room to work the ball into the box on his own with good runs that beat the defenders one on one.  There are not many passes on those goals other than the final decsive one ( or near decisive).  But the vid says the their game plan is based on the wings and that they are a team that makes alot of quick passes.  I find most teams that make a lot of quick passes and rapid ball movement  are usually the better team in the game anyways.  And wing players usually have the most time on the ball and hold into it the longest. 

4). From the 3.00-4:30 minute mark:  this doesnt seem very unique.   A diamond midfield with a false nine drifting and playing the opposite side of the pitch (when in Attacking team is in possesion) seems to accomplish this already.  When the diamond shifts from one side to the opposite, then that guy drifts to the other side and if the ball lopped over to him,  he is in a one on one situation.  In which case if he is an outsnding ball dribbler, he can create scoring chnaces for himself.  As for the rest of this part about players moving into drifferent roles, i always thought that that was what  Total soccer was. 

5). It seems that its the kind of tactics, where the players have to think too much.  And that its a bit too scripted and doesnt allow for improvisation.  But yet it is supposed to be flexible.  Always found it easier to play a game of any sport when yes, you have basic framework for you role at teh start of the game based on your role in the formation, but  you have to let your instincts take over.   In all they years i have watched TFC’s matches since 2007,  the worst performces i ever saw was under aron Winter and it was because it seems that the players were confused and perhaps over thinking

i would be interested to see one of ther games.  

ps.:  the main thing i was wondering was whether someone like Alphonso davies would be helped or hindered playing on Atalanta.

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