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2017 Three Nations (youth) Tournament Canberra


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[ 1 ]  Unsure there is any way to follow this. Canada is sending a U20 team  and Moscato and Wilkinson will be doing some  co-managing/co-leading  with Priestman. The US is sending a U18 team  ( their U20 team is in Europe right now ). And  Australia is fielding a U19 team.




[ 2 ]  MATCH ONE:   U20 CANWNT vs U-18 WNT :   July 6, 2017 3:30 AEST;  July 6, 2017 1:30 am ET,  July 5, 2017 10:30 pm PT

        MATCH TWO:  U20 CANWNT vs U19 Young Matildas: July 8, 2017 10 am AEST,  July 7, 2017 8:00 pm ET,  July 7 2017 5:00 pm PT

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Huh!  It's off-topic, but the CanadaSoccerEN twitter feed is announcing an official bid committee for jointly hosting the 2026 World Cup with USA and Mexico.  Maybe the guys at the CSA are a bit distracted from the youth tournament today.

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^  When it comes to Canadian women's soccer and Canadian men's soccer I think there is an  equality of treatment but there's not an equality of enthusiasm. Most of the stakeholders of soccer in Canada are men and most of the CSA  leadership are men; and these men love their soccer. They live it; they breathe it;  and it's on their minds 24 / 7 right down to the individual nano-second.  From this enthusiasm, ( at least from their twitter account  ) the CSA can be  very attentive to all the details of men's soccer but at times,  they  do not demonstrate the same attentiveness for  women's soccer. I think this is an unintended slight,  but it does come across as indifferent and thoughtless. 

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[ 1  ]   the  Young Matildas arranged by birth date, with stats from the 2016-17 W-League season:

1998 birthdates:

Annabel Martin ( Melbourne Victory) 11 appearances 11 starts

Clare Wheeler( Newcastle Jets) 10 appearances 9 starts

Cortnee Vine ( Brisbane Roar)  3 appearances, 1 start

Georgia Boric (GK) ( Canberra United) 11 appearances, 0 starts

1999 birth dates

Remy Siemsen  (Sydney FC)   11 appearances 7 starts 6 goals

Nickoletta Flannery ( Canberra United  ) 12 appearances 3 starts 4 goals

Alex Chidiac ( Adelaide United ) 8 appearances 7 starts 2 goals

Grace Maher ( Canberra United ) 12 appearances 10 starts 1 goal

Melina Ayres ( Melbourne City) 12 appearances, 4 starts 1 goal

Jada Mathyssen-Whyman  (GK) ( Western Sydney Wanderers ) 11 appearances 11 starts

Clare Hunt ( Canberra United ) 8 appearances 2 starts ,subbed in twice

-Ashleigh Lefevre  (Alamein FC)    - none -

2000 birthdates:

Ellie Carpenter (Western Sydney Wanderers)  11 appearances 11 starts

Princess Ibini ( Sydney FC ) 8 appearances subbed in 6 times, 1 goal

Kaitlyn Torpey  (  Brisbane Roar ) 10 appearances,  8 starts

MelindaJ Barbieri  (Melbourne Victory)  11 appearances 5 starts

Rachel Lowe  ( Western Sydney Wanderers) 9 appearances, 5 starts 

Mackenzie Hawkesby  (Sydney University SFC) - none -

Hannah Bourke  (Emerging Jets)                     - none -

Teigan Collister  (North Shore Mariners)          - none -

2001 birthdates

Alyssa Rose ( Western Sydney Wanderers) 2 appearances, 0 starts

Annie Grove (GK) (Emerging Jets)  - none -

Amy Sayer( Sydney University SFC) - none -

[ 2 ]  NOTES:

 I think U20 CANWNT will have a tougher fight today.  17 of the Young Matildas made appearances in the Australian W-League last season -- 14 of them played regularly. The 1999s on this list scored collectively 14 W League goals last year. Of note,  Remy Siemsen's 6 goals placed her sixth on the Top Scorer list , tied with Jess Fishlock and Katie Stengel. Jada Mathyssen-Whyman  was  Western City Wanderers starting keeper for nearly the whole season. And Ellie Carpenter is being touted as the second-coming of Caitlin Foord ,  ( she was also  with the Matildas squad  at the 2016 RIo Olympics ).


UPDATE:  the match is being live-tweeted by thewomensgame:




- Carmelina Moscato is listed as the coach. Interesting point :Carmelina Moscato and Ellie Carpenter were teammates on the backline for Western City Wanderers in 2015-16.

The Women's GameVerified account @TheWomensGame 16m16 minutes ago

Half time. What a contest. Aus with the majority of possession and attack, but Can with some excellent waves on goal as well. #AUSvCAN 0-0


The Women's GameVerified account @TheWomensGame 4m4 minutes ago

53' GOAL! Australia - Chidiac onto a through ball, takes it past one, slips it by the keeper from just inside the 18 yard line. #AUSvCAN 1-0

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