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Great Northern Pride

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Hey Canadian Aristocrats! 


New to the forum, just finding my way around. A buddy encouraged I check it out when I inadvertently launched a siege of questions on him regarding our gold cup roster. I also know I have "the sickness" now for not only footy but our Canadian Team when I found myself watching not only qualifying but those friendlies via the rocky one man stream eagles eye style.


Aside from supporting the Canadian team, I've fallen fast and furious for Everton. Soft spot for Nice in the french league since I lived along the Cote D'Azur within a 20 minute ride and caught some games as a kid. Also enjoy TFC, PSG, Roma and Borussia Dortmund. 


Big into FIFA 15 for the first time this year on X1. Mostly Ultimate team (bought all the Canadians but that's a patchwork squad that's almost impossible to compete with!) but also mess around with Clubs now and then. 


Anyways looking forward to getting more familiar with the team and community that supports them via this forum. 



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