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MLS contract talks


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There have been a few initial articles about a collective bargaining agreement between players and MLS, such as this one tweeted by Grant Wahl from SI:




It would be quite interesting in a year where TFC has done a big bit of business to be impeded by a labour dispute.  I'm sure there have been some posting on BigSoccer, but I think it's worthwhile to start a thread here.  The lines in the sand are being drawn - let's see where it goes.


How close will the players get to free agency versus re-entry draft, with various complex rules

How transparent will MLS become on transfers?

How much money is MLS really losing?


I feel that the minimum wage for MLS players is an easy one to concede for MLS, and that some sort of advanced free agency will be developed for some players following a certain number of years in the league. 


This one could be fun to watch.

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I wouldn't really call it fun, more aggravating.  I'm not looking forward to all of the rhetoric being spewed by both parties. For the record, I think free agency and an increased salary cap are a must. Entry level players are still making retail level money to play soccer full time.


If MLS has any sort of prolonged work stoppage, it will further cement my interest in NASL.

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