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former coach Brett Mosen rejoins Toronto Lynx

Rocket Robin

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The Toronto Lynx announced today, the return of USL Coach Brett Mosen to their senior coaching staff. Mosen returns to the Toronto Lynx following his Head Coach and Director of coaching responsibilities, with both the Hamilton Rage FC and more recently KW United of the United Soccer Leagues (USL). His return will reunite a coaching partnership with long time Lynx Head Coach Duncan Wilde and Technical Director Billy Steele as Toronto look to make yet another step forward in 2014.

Mosen was previously brought in alongside Wilde and Steele, when the Lynx competed in USLPRO soccer and were also in the process of launching their (USL) Super Y League program. He was also responsible for launching the clubs first ever season of Lady Lynx 'W' league competition and he brings a major amount of knowledge and experience to one of Canada's leading player development programs.

" I am excited at the opportunity to work with both Duncan & Billy again, we share the same philosophy in the game which has a clear focus on player development" Mosen said. "The Lynx have had a major overhaul since I was last coaching here, with new ownership & a player development structure in place which has a clear pathway from youth into the senior game. Alongside my Pro team experience with the Lynx, I remember fondly, my very first Under 15 Toronto Lynx Super Y team in 2005, which included both Kyle Bekker and Ashtone Morgan, it's fantastic to see these players excel in their professional careers. Sherif El Masri, Macca Wilde, Jonathan Parolini and Taylor Lord, who all went on to represent Canada at the U20 National level, together with Erik Hakim and Stephen Fattore, who also recently played PDL for the Toronto Lynx during their college years were a part of that team. The Junior Lynx have come a long way forward since then, assisting over 350 players with scholarship opportunities & one of the most respected development programs not only within the USL but North America. I am very much looking forward to the challenge ahead & being part of the clubs future development"

Lynx Head Coach and Academy Director Duncan Wilde was very direct when asked about the details of Brett's appointment. " Our club has been gaining momentum for the past few years at all levels within the USL. We qualified no less than six of our nine teams for USL playoffs in 2013, reaching three Semi finals and one North American final, but unfortunately and as of yet, no Championship. I believe the re- appointment of Brett Mosen, his reunion with Billy Steele, Danny Stewart and myself, will impact significantly throughout the club, together with boosting our ongoing objectives of continued success within the elite player development process and our collective ambitions of achieving a North American Championship title in the very near future".

Mosen will re join Wilde's Senior Technical Staff and will primarily focus on PDL initiatives, while also assuming the Head Coach position of the U20 men's squad, together with the Senior boys Academy program. " It's fantastic to have him back here" added Wilde, "Brett is already assisting Danny with some of our W League objectives and I am very much looking forward, to formerly introducing him to the entire Junior Lynx Academy, at our very next training session at Monarch Park Stadium Dome on Saturday afternoon".

More information and try out opportunities are posted on the clubs official web site at www.torontolynxsoccerclub.com or contact admin@torontolynxsoccerclub.com


Thanks so much

Kim Ashton- Operations Manager

Toronto Lynx Soccer Club

(416) 471-2640

(905) 279-1424 FAX


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Different name back for the league back then but it was the 'A-League' and 'USL First Division'.

They were once equivalent to Montreal Impact and Vancouver 86er/Whitecaps from 1997 to 2006.

Yeah its pretty confusing following along the leagues from the A-League forward, and I'm nitpicking here so don't mind me but it was just discussed on another forum this week for those interested :

USL Pro is the current D3 version of USL-2, which was also D3. USL First Division (USL-1) ceased to exist after 2009.

2009 - USL has a Division II league (USL-1) consisting of 11 teams: Austin, Carolina, Charleston, Cleveland, Miami, Minnesota, Montreal, Portland, Puerto Rico, Rochester and Vancouver and a Division III league (USL-2) consisting of nine teams: Baltimore, Bermuda, Charlotte, Harrisburg, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Western Mass and Wilmington.

2010 - USL has a Division III league (USL-2) consisting of six teams (having lost Baltimore to the TOA folks, Bermuda and Western Mass to the PDL and Wilmington to a dirt nap and having gained Charleston from USL-1): Charleston, Charlotte, Harrisburg, Maryland, Pittsburgh and Richmond. USL has no Division II league, USL-1 (First Division) ceases to exist. Austin, Carolina, Miami, Minnesota, Montreal, Portland, Puerto Rico, Rochester, Vancouver from USL-1 join with new clubs in Tampa Bay and St. Louis and the existing Baltimore club in what was the temporary DII housing set up by USSF.

2011 - USL's Division III league, USL Pro, formerly USL-2, adds Orlando (nee Austin) and Rochester from D2, Wilmington from its dirt nap, Antigua from the Antiguan league, Dayton from the PDL and new clubs in Los Angeles and New York (along with, for a time, three teams in Puerto Rico who wouldn't make it to Memorial Day). Half of the 12 teams USL Pro ended up with had last played at the DIII level. It was a DIII league. It was basically a continuation of USL-2, just re-branded. Meanwhile, the NASL officially kicked off, having lost Baltimore and St. Louis to oblivion and Rochester and Austin/Orlando to USL Pro, but having added Edmonton and a rebooted Atlanta club.

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Guest ClaytonA

That's the company line with USL marketing, they act like all the NASL and former USL-1 (and A League/APSL) were in USL Pro. It's misleading and with them filing a lawsuit against the USL PDL team that wants to start a NASL team says something about how they are a business and it's about profits.

Hopefully K-W United is still competitive this year. Didn't they get a OPDL franchise and partner with youth club(s) as well? My impression is they are doing some of the right things in terms of community involvement.

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Hopefully K-W United is still competitive this year. Didn't they get a OPDL franchise and partner with youth club(s) as well? My impression is they are doing some of the right things in terms of community involvement.

Yup, we are still doing fine. From what I am hearing United will have some very good players coming in. No details yet though.

A couple of them are off trialing in the UK right now, like Jay Chapman who plays for Michigan State for NCAA. United is definitely doing the community engagement thing, and this year could get very interesting.

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