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  1. Attendance of 3000 for Valour vs Cavalry today. https://canpl.ca/matchcentre/bk7mirhmrbnt8vwvbob5zcglw/highlights
  2. 3449 attendance in Hamilton today. https://canpl.ca/matchcentre/bjpdudgxka2r49yjg9ncbojys/highlights
  3. Poor scheduling, just found the game on onesoccer using the search as it didn't show as an option with the CMNT game coming up automatically. There's some fans in the stands, not sure how many but more than a handfull. Have two screens going to watch both games!
  4. All of those facts are also part of pro sports leagues that are also Not single entity though and they don't make a league single entity(NHL for instance has some of those components). The actual definition of single entity does not fit the CPL and it never will because its simply not. In order not to drag this thread off topic here's the thread on this forum : https://www.canadiansoccernews.com/forums/topic/76407-cpls-independent-club-league-model-not-single-entity/ Back on topic, attendance in Halifax was 3446 today.
  5. ^^^^ Oh Gawd, the parrot rambles on again about his "single entity" misinformation BS re the Canadian Premier League.
  6. FC Edmonton's situation is concerning, but last Wednesday's game attendance or lack of it isn't one to judge things on. Weather was terrible, cold, windy, and pouring rain. I'm sure the Fath's are concerned as well since hiring Koch as coach likely wasn't a cheap option but they only have themselves to blame with the total lack of marketing for the team. Even in year one in CPL/2019 the team drew less than they did on average than their last season in NASL. The team needs a new owner or partner brought in and a revamp of the ops, with marketing $'s one of the main additions.
  7. Stadium is likely to be at the LEC grounds in Langley, its basically prepped for up to 7K seating to be installed already. https://www.surreynowleader.com/sports/canadian-premier-league-possibly-eyeing-fraser-valley-expansion/ The Transfermarkt story says it has learned that several German Bundesliga teams are interested in investing in a CPL club, which makes the possibility of expansion more likely. Their sources suggest that Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Werder Bremen could be among those interested in investing. It’s unclear which Fraser Valley city a CPL team would be located in, but venue possibilities could be Abbotsford’s Rotary Stadium, Langley’s McLeod Stadium or Chilliwack’s Exhibition Stadium. Another possibility could be the new turf field facility near the Langley Events Centre.
  8. Asking what the post in another language which I and some don't speak on here says is simply that. If you want to pretend or assume the post means something else then ramble on like usual.
  9. What does it basically say? Can't make much out despite 4 years of forced (by my dear Mother) french classes in high school by my dear Mother.
  10. There won't be a Caps farm team in CPL so your posting in the wrong thread, they'll likely be in the new MLS farm team league or BC league 1, not Canada's Division 1 Canadian Premier League. They'd probably do better in Kelowna though as previous Caps farm teams drew terribly and had little interest from fans in UBC and Langley before they folded the team.
  11. BC restrictions are 5K for Pacific FC, they were not at all close to that last night but coronavirus surely keeping some/many away from attending.
  12. Pics of the crowd in Langford for Pacific FC Friday :
  13. Fans are back in the stands tonight, no official numbers from the first game but York United FC are dealing with a covid restricted capacity of about 2400 and they earlier stated they sold out. First 8 games of the season were in the bubble in Winnipeg so 20 more per club home and away.
  14. York University's York Lions Stadium moves from track to turf in $8.2-million transformation https://www.thestar.com/local-toronto-north-york/news/2021/07/28/york-university-s-york-lions-stadium-moves-from-track-to-turf-in-8-2-million-transformation.html The conversion project features a seasonal air-supported dome (which will be installed in November) and internationally certified artificial turf, “providing the highest quality sport surface in the country,” according to the university. The renovated stadium will be used for many different club rentals across multiple sports and will be home to the York Lions varsity football and soccer teams as well as York United FC, a Toronto-based professional soccer club.
  15. You've hit the nail on the head with the variables - a lot of the time its not the service but issues on the users end that creates problems. I suggest picking up a Roku for $40 and you will not be disappointed, best experience for Onesoccer imo and tons of free content for live tv, movies, shows, documentary's and such.
  16. Was going to say Canada but thought I'd go out on a limb on this one;)
  17. Atletico Ottawa Set To Host ‘Pay What You Want’ Home Opener https://northerntribune.ca/atletico-ottawa-inaugural-home-opener/ Canadian Premier League side Atletico Ottawa is set to play its first-ever home match on August 14, some 544 days after the club was announced. To celebrate the side taking to the pitch at TD Place for the first time, club ownership is doing something unusual: a pay-what-you-want home opener. The historic home match against the Halifax Wanderers will see Atletico Ottawa permitted to host up to 15,000 fans at TD Place, with proceeds from its ‘pay what you want’ ticket sales going to the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa, who run a range of programs for at-risk youth and their families.
  18. Same for me, overall a very good experience on Roku and PC.
  19. Seems like CPL expansion in the next few years will likely be clubs from Quebec, Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley, and Regina.
  20. Depends on the market as to if fans will lose interest with a drop to D3 but overall most would lose fans in a drop. Teams paying 8-10 million for a franchise in USL C D2 won't want to drop to USL D3 where franchises pay 1 million. Any TV deal money is likely minimal for USL D2. Wages were about 500k for USL D2 and 200k for USL D3 for most teams according to reports/articles pre covid. Other barriers for USL is the Professional League Standards from USSF they have to deal with so a franchise if promoted would not meet them in most if not all cases. These standards and USL itself will prevent real pro-rel for the franchise league.
  21. Just finished watching today's Onesoccer Today show and they talked about the players association t-shirt bit : Wheeler said in essence, the young league is dealing with the pandemic and such and wait till the fans are back in stands and league is back to a more normal state for a while before pushing the association. Platt said he has sympathy for both sides, some fans criticism of the owners who put up the $ is wrong and at the same time players have a right in his opinion to some input in certain aspects of the league.
  22. Whatever they come up with it won't be real pro-rel, USL's a franchise league that will protect itself and $ above all else. Good marketing though, will get them some positive pr for those who buy into the fake pro-rel talk of USL.
  23. BC to allow 10% fan attendance for Olympic basketball qualifiers for games starting July 1st. Hopefully not a sign of things to come with Step 3 for BC starting July 1st for Pacific FC. Should be a higher percentage, at least 25%, for outdoor stadiums imo. Apparently no discriminating as to vaccinated/un-vaccinated fans allowed in. Masks mandatory except for eating/drinking or if you have an excemption. Team Canada to get boost from fans in stands at Olympic men’s basketball qualifier in Victoria If the Canadian men’s basketball team is going to make it to the Olympics, they will do so with an assist from the hometown crowd. Just days before the Olympic men’s basketball qualifier tournament is set to start at Victoria Memorial Arena, B.C. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has approved an exemption to the province’s capacity limits.
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