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  1. As the experts said re the outdoors last summer when protests were going on not much chance of transmission with wind, disappation, etc, just don't pack people together and the other obvious protocols. Its not like it hangs in a cloud over a neighborhood. Most safetly protocols aren't useless, its how we are living with this virus that spread from wuhan. Some may be extreme and useless (no super spreader golf games in Ontario?) others not so. And the Canucks will be back tomorrow, its being handled and life goes on. Its called living with this virus for now. No need for a bubble
  2. NHL season continues on in indoor arenas yet outdoors CFL and CPL may not be able to play possibly? Ridiculous, its outdoors, let them play their season and well done to the NHL and other sports leagues who have figured out how to play their seasons. Its been over a year since this virus spread around the world from Wuhan China, lets continue on following the safety protocols but no more lockdowns imo. If they need to start the season without fans then so be it, hopefully it comes later in the summer/fall.
  3. No need, keep in your clubs bubble and follow protocols, train outdoors in your own city, simple.
  4. Even with the piss poor job our terrible Prime Minister tru-doh and his gov't have done handling coronavirus, no reason CPL can't have a season outdoors in their own stadiums imo. NHL with indoor facilities is doing it in addition to other sports leagues. Hopefully fans are allowed in attendance in some capacity as well, with masks and social distancing etc and being outdoors it really shouldn't be an issue as long as plans, protocols, and sufficient staff are set up by each club to enforce the rules that fans will be happy to follow anyways if it means they can attend.
  5. I've used the Roku Express that is $40 for a few years up until last Dec when I picked up the premiere for $45. Both work great for Onesoccer plus all the free live TV including Bein sports xtra and movies, series.
  6. CSA won't sanction them D2 if they're D3 level with a shorter season. Encompassing more that one region won't make them D2 on its own, won't be surprised if this group never even applies for D2. They may end up playing a tournament and pretending their D2 level for marketing purposes possibly though.
  7. Alex shouldn't not be taken seriously or discriminated against because he may not speak french (or fluent french) imo, not a requirement in a country that has 2 official languages for the last few decades and one is english, and in a market that has many english and french speakers unlike other areas of the province. If he spearheads a group and it's successful great.
  8. Report: Rovers, Highlanders, Whitecaps Academy Opt Out Of Rumoured Second Division Rumours of an independent second division have picked up momentum over the last few months, with speculation mounting that a semi-professional national league could feature up to twelve teams, regional divisions to limit travel costs, a neutral site championship, and a 2022 launch date. Today, Northern Tribune has learned from a trusted source that the TSS Rovers, Victoria Highlanders, and the Vancouver Whitecaps (in terms of fielding an academy team) have all opted out of the rumoured second division,
  9. The free Roku Bein channel is Bein Sports Xtra : https://www.beinsportsxtra.com/ As red card says, not the main channel. It does have some good content though, the above link goes to the main page where you can click on programming to see the leagues covered. Can't beat free as well as a solid and cheap platform in the Roku for viewing Onesoccer. Roku channel also has 36 free live tv channels with a couple of e-sports ones if you like that sort of thing as well.
  10. beIN SPORTS XTRA Launches on XUMO and the Roku Streaming Platform Across Canada MIAMI — beIN SPORTS announced today the addition of beIN SPORTS XTRA, the network’s free, 24/7 English-language live sports streaming channel, to current programming lineups on XUMO and through The Roku Channel on Roku streaming devices in Canada. Now millions of households in Canada will have free access to the world-class LIVE sports content offered by beIN SPORTS XTRA via mobile, web and TV streaming devices. Of the move, Kyle said, “It’s a great time to bring beIN SPORTS XTRA to Canada. beIN SPORTS is
  11. If you have a smart tv with a browser you should be able to log in to Onesoccer to view. If not, Roku works excellent and is cheap to pick one up, $40 for the Premiere 4K HDR version. As a bonus, the free Roku channel has live tv with a guide that includes Bein sports.
  12. Most fans won't care how much players make. I interacted with many the first season enlightening them about Canada's new D1 Premier League and none asked how much the players were making.
  13. Canadian Premier League offers first look at its bottom line The league says this season each team will operate with a $1.2-million salary cap, which covers both players and coaching/technical staff. Player spending must fall between $650,000 and $850,000 while the coach/technical range is between $350,000 and $550,000. Combined, the two must fall under $1.2 million. The cap includes salaries, housing and travel allowances and individual player bonuses but not "league or club accomplishment bonuses." The league says, on average, the salary cap accounts for some 57 per cent of tea
  14. Not for my benefit at all, your on a discussion forum so part of the discussion may be to back up what your saying if its vague and questionable. You can back it up or not, don't care either way but you obviously can't do so here so your excuse leaves you with no credibility on the issue.
  15. So you can't back up your claim/opinion, got it.
  16. Agree mostly but it should be pointed out the 500K figure is only an estimate by the players association and the cap has all but been confirmed to be 750K so an average of 32,600 per season, 9 month contracts apparently for many, which works out to roughly the equivalent of 43,500 per year at 12 months. There's also been information that the CPL clubs were close or at this 750k cap figure for 2019.
  17. Can you link to the CSA D2 sanctioning standards you are claiming are not significantly different between Canada's D2 and D3 because don't think CSA has released anything publicly.
  18. 3rd division across the border is not paying better wages and many teams in USA's D2 is similar or lower than CPL if you are familiar with USL C. MLS did not pay high wages at the start either, takes time to build and stabilize a league but they were still D1 as CPL is. CPL is building something sustainable with a 750k cap in its early years to ensure survival. Quickest way to torpedo the league is to inflate wages and losses where interest in having a club in the league is hampered. The league has picked the setup they feel they need to start at for the early years of the league to
  19. lol, apologies to all, internet issues and a pissed off mouse button finger that logged multiple clicks while appearing to do nothing until minutes later.
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