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Need a capo for 116/117


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Several people were asking me we needed a capo for the last game.

CSA has arrange for a capo stand in front of 116/117.

I can't remember who was asking, but we need someone to fill this spot.



EDIT: Multiple people could split this up too.

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I sat in west end of 114 and thought that we were a little disjointed from 113. Would love it if every section had a capo. Hopefully capos in 112/113 can coordinate with 116/117. Possible?

Do we have the new megaphones we were looking into for this one?

Also, and I know that it might seem complicated, but our capos should have simple, audibles or signs. Like, if Brizzo holds up a "1", Pete knows he's doing the bounce etc. It would help cutting out a delay for 116/117.

I wanna use this space to tell everyone half way up the section that they have huge roll to play. I like to sit around row 11 or 12, turn around and stare people in the eye when they should be following the capo. So if you consider yourself a "semi-capo" it can go a long way to getting everyone into it early and getting used to chanting with the section.

The top bottom, divide is often a pain in the ass.

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