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Shamrock and roll!

alberta white

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So, Shamrock Rovers eclipse the efforts of several 'wealthy' Scottish outfits and make it into the eErope League group stages, whilst beating a European 'Name' in Partizan Belgrade...

And draw...Tottenham, Russia's Rubin Kazan, and Paok FC from Greece in the Process.

I bet Father Dougal's running around like a dog wi'tree tails ( You'll have to have seen Father Ted to get that one)

What about ya! eH?


In case anyone (probably in Newfoundland or NB) is intrested....Not that I'm stereotyping or anything.

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Don't have to stereotype.

What's interesting is that Irishtown NB (a suburb now of Moncton) is primarily a French speaking community close to Notre Dame and St Antoine. Even though allot of the Irish names persist.

I always find that Notre Dame (french name) and its associated with the "Fighting Irish" intresting.

All the "St Trinians" type schoolgirls of my youth back in Leeds, went to a catholic Irish Girls school called Notre Dame.

NUN! GIRRLS! FACK! Cup a tea! (Father Ted Jokes a plenty here)

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Damn! I haven't checked the other groups yet but that seems like an unlucky draw. Well... nice in terms of sight-seeing, but tough on the football field.

Tottenham will be a good payday with a lot of "local" support. Maybe even the feel of a third round FA cup game.

White Heart Lane might feel a bit like its full of patronizing Plastic Paddy's though.

Really hope they do a number on spurs.

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