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Hey, not sure how this works exactly but am willing to give it a try. My name is Milky, and I'm an alcoholic. No wait.

I'm a Canadian soccer fan and have been my whole life. I grew up in Mississauga but have spent a lot of time living in Europe. In fact, I currently still live in Europe but I hope to see some Toronto FC matches this season and I'm always following Canadian internationals around Europe and watching them play (both men and women).

I wouldn't say that I am affiliated with any football group but I've posted on numerous message boards and I've been actively commenting on Canadian soccer (online) since about 1999.

Anyways, if I like this place maybe I'll stick around. It would be great to meet more like-minded fans such as myself.

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Someone give this guy the proper Voyageurs welcome, please :P

Seriously, though, it's best to sit back and let the guys out west and east go at each other from time to time, pretty entertaining stuff. Any plans on flying back here to catch a Nats WCQ? Which Nats players have you watched live and where?

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I come here to say hello to all of you people.I am Adam currently completing my studies.My degree is realted to the management and I want to become that VP or AVP of a recognized Financial Instition.Every one has his own define goals in life but my goal is some what differnt from others.Regarding my health,I am too week and recently joined the Gym to gain weight.I love to do skating,chatting and Jamming.I am a new member of this forum and I don't know what you people think but I really find this site very useful for gaining plenty of Information.I am planning to visit the Orlando,Florida this season...

Please name out the places you think I have to visit...

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