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Edmonton Drillers and an Edmonton chant I (kinda) created

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Darn you FT you inadvertently started my new thread!;)

I was considering what the team should run out to.

Lets be honest. Hands up who want to listen to that peice of FIFA produced turgid trumphalist tripe, the Club used last year?

Though so.

I appreciate they have to associate with something, but in the current soccer climate I'd steer clear of anything with associations to FIFA's Slack Bladder, sorry Sepp Blatter (Darn spell checks on the fritz;))

So if the FO and the new partners are reading this, "Guys we need a signature tune"

Newcastle united run out to the 'Theme from Local Hero"

Leeds United run out to Aaron Copelands "Fanfare for the common man"

Manchester United Run out to "Glory Glory Man United"(We'll they would wouldn't they?)

and Sunderland run out to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "Capulets and Montagues" which suprisingly really works.

Any European team watchers know what Barca/ RM/ Dortmund etc, run out to.

My Personal prefence is below.


Okay its a little 'old school' but hey so am I. And if you listen to the structure its actually not that far removed from your first offering.

Kinda gets the crowd bouncing don't ya think? (We might need to find a 'piper' though)

Bruce Watsons (rhythm guitar) was born in Timmins Ontario by the way so it has Scotish/ Canadians roots (sort of).

Bang bang works for me as well, although Ialways thought of it as a Cher number.:cool:

Do you have any details for th drillers games?

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I went to an Alemannia Aachen game (they play in Germany's D2) this past fall. They came onto the pitch to the 20th Century Theme (don't know the official title).

I agree that Edmonton needs something else to come out to. The FIFA muzzac doesn't have the same connection with the fans as that did... It was damn cool to hear 15,000 people singing the last half of that theme.

I like the development of new songs! I've come up with a few, but nothing really solid yet.

We should plan a pub night to discuss the 2011 season, and songs/chants/flags etc.

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IMFC is what 18 years old now, without any club theme. There's signs there might be one soon, coming about completely organically. It'd be best for FCE to have some seasons under it's belt before having "their" song.

IMFC always has done lots of different(****) intros, and they always will. For every club with a cool intro, there's 1000 that are just bad. Hopefully this season will give you something good.

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Trident, you make a good Point.

Liverpool are synonomus with "You'll never walk alone" but it was Bill Shankley (after three...were not worthy etc) who introduced the song to Anfield after Jerry Marsden, of the Mersey beat band Jerry and Pacemakers, gave him a 7" vinyl disc to listen to. Liverpool as a club had been around for about 90 years, prior to this happening.

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