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CSL Week 10


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Formal Game Report will be posted tomorrow but Milltown FC tied Toronto Croatia last night 1-1.

Both teams had their chances in a very even game. The defences for both teams did a good job of keeping the attackers mostly to the outside.

MFC goal came early in 2nd half from a PK taken by Martijn Kuijpers

TC evened the score about 10 minutes later when a corner kick from the left corner was headed into the net by Hayden Fitzwilliams.

MFC had a glorious chance to grab all 3 points late in the game on a wild goalmouth scramble but TC keeper Sandi Matika made a huge save to salvage a point for the visitors.

Next Week, MFC takes on FC Hamilton Croatia. MFC and Ham Croatia are tied for 2nd in the league with 19 points so its clearly a huge game.

If any local V's are interested in coming out for this game, please shoot me a PM. It should be a good game between two of the three new clubs in the CSL this year.



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Result of the Friday July 9, 2010 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and Brantford Galaxy played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

62 min...SWE Alex Braletic GOAL...SWE Sasa Viciknez rolls pass up middle that SWE Kirie Dimitrov pokes by as defender Nyema Patric Gerhardt falls over to Braletic who kicks in 8 yarder to right side of net freezing the goalie.

64 min...BG YELLOW card...Stanko Karacic earns it for tripping up SWE Sasa Viciknez in BG box although it looked like Viciknez would have rolled the ball wide right over the end line before bringing it under control. Referee Joe Audi signalled for a Penalty kick.

65 min...SWE Milos Scepanovic GOAL...Scepanovic blasts Penalty kick to center of net over goalie Ante Domjanovic who was diving right.

78 min...BG (SWE own goal) GOAL...BG Nyema Patric Gerhardt cornerkick from right had SWE Kirie Dimitrov raise his foot to deflect ball back as a shot on his own net that goalie Milos Kocic flew to right to push away but he only pushed it just inside the right post. The BG players congratulated Austin White who appeared to take a 15 yard shot up the middle but replays on television showed it was an own goal.

90 min...SWE Sasa Viciknez GOAL...SWE Sasa Viciknez can tell he's offside so he stops his run for the ball at BG 45 yards after a BG goalkick and the ball runs to the right corner flag but SWE Milos Scepanovic charges to stop ball. He rolls the ball back to Viciknez at 22 yards on right. Viciknez works a give and go with SWE Stefan Vukovic who taps him back the ball at 15 yards by fallen BG Nyema Patric Gerhardt and Viciknez shoots 10 yard shot into far left corner

of net. Viciknez runs to the crowd across the track and pulls his shirt off drawing a Yellow card before play resumes.

93:16 min...game ends.

Final Score:........Serbian White Eagles...............3......................Brantford Galaxy...........1...........

Attendance was about 400 on this warm summer night. This has been one of the White Eagles biggest crowds this year and didn't have any singing or fireworks from the Serb Ultras group.

The White Eagles threatened to run away with the game in the first half with all the chances given to forward Shawn Brown but this wasn't his night. This reached a nadir at 40 minutes when he leapt to head a Kirie Dimitrov cross from the right end line and his twist of the header from 4 yards actually went behind him as if he was crossing away from the net. His other chances were either blocked by the goalie, off target or passed or while trying to pass to other players--intercepted by defenders. The fans in the crowd were groaning and that turned to laughter as the half wore on. At the half, the White Eagles subbed him with veteran Sasa Viciknez. Viciknez is now also an assistant coach but is usually a 60 minute sub as he's not able to train as much now holding a full time job plus he's in his mid 30s. He didn't even take the Penalty kick last night as I'd heard he's had goalie's guess right too many times.

Another difference in this game was Alex Braletic was allowed to play the entire 90 minutes and actually looked better later in the game. In the games I've seen of the White Eagles, I don't remember seeing him play more than 60 or 70 minutes for the last two years.

Besides the own goal which left Milos Kocic no chance, Kocic had huge saves at 76 minutes when BG Stanko Karacic took a 24 yard freekick down the middle which he palmed over the net and at 82 minutes when BG Drazen Vukovic took a 30 yard freekick blast from the left that Kocic dived right and pushed the ball wide for a cornerkick. The next morning he was warming up at BMO Field as the third string goaltender for the MLS Toronto FC.

Referee Joe Audi gave out only the two cards (that I can remember) the whole evening and that was for the Penalty kick and the goal celebration. It was a wide open game but the White Eagles defence of Taylor Lord, Mark Janovic, captain Mirko Medic, and Goran Vlaski kept most of the Galaxy shots to 20 yards out or further. The fans didn't like the referee's assistants for flagging so many White Eagles offsides and some sarcastic fans starting calling out everything as offside and laughing.

White Eagles now trail the Galaxy by only three points in the standings but have played three games less. In 6th place out of 13 teams they haved played either three or four games less than all the competition ahead of them.

Rocket Robin


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Hi Robin. I have a few comments and I guess you could say criticisms.

It's actually Kiril and not Kirie Dimitrov. Mark Jankovic and not Janovic. Minor but thought I should tell you.

What happened to the Serbian White Eagles' fan group?

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Hi Robin. I have a few comments and I guess you could say criticisms.

It's actually Kiril and not Kirie Dimitrov. Mark Jankovic and not Janovic. Minor but thought I should tell you.

What happened to the Serbian White Eagles' fan group?

Jankovic just missed that (can't program that into a spell checker). Kiril --taking my notes from handwritten rosters.

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Result of the Saturday July 10th, 2010 CSL game between TFC Academy and North York Astros played at Brockton Stadium in Toronto at 3:00pm.

18 min...TFCA Brennan McNicoll GOAL...McNicoll takes quick 30 yard freekick down the middle while that Astros are setting up their wall and the shot is bent into the left corner of the net just inside the post beyond flying goalie Nelson


37 min...Astros Erick Grigore GOAL...Astros Mahyar Kohbad gets to ball when goalie Garrett Cyprus dives forward to intercept pass to Kohbad at 15 yards. Kohbad recovers the loose ball and passes back for Grigore to shoot low

20 yarder past goalie and defender at 5 yards into center of net.

83 min...TFCA Brennan McNicoll GOAL...TFCA Dino Gardner gives McNicoll a short pass from the right and he blasts a low 35 yard shot to the left corner of the net beyond diving goalie. The shot actually went right through the net as

the webbing wasn't well secured at the bottom.

Final Score:.....TFCA Academy..............2..............North York Astros..........1................

Attendance was about 40 on this very hot day with a bright sun in the west shining into the eyes of the fans. This game had been moved to Brockton Stadium which is about six kilometres away from BMO Field where the MLS game

had just ended one hour earlier. Previous TFCA games had been played at BMO Field but that convenience had not kept fans staying behind to watch and were played before crowds of 50 fans. Two fans in TFC shirts were held up for $10 admission whereas when they played at BMO Field it was part of your MLS ticket. The travelling time was a worry for me because I don't think I would have made it by the start of the game. There were no buses loading at the Dufferin Gates when I walked by and I almost made it 3/4s of the way there before a bus finally passed and I squeezed on.

Allando Matheson played the last 60 minutes of the game wearing the number 21 jersey when referee Richard Oliveira ordered him to change his blood stained #9. Matheson was the big forward down the middle but the Astros kept him

from being too threatening by being able to catch him or knocking him over when he was on a run.

Astros players kept reminding the referee to blow his whistle before any freekick as that really bothered them about the first goal. I can't say that I heard it before McNicoll's first goal. Oliveira gave out a few Yellow cards to keep the players'

discipline in check.

Academy goalie Garrett Cyprus was aggressive in coming off his line for balls. Mostly charging to the edge of the box to dive on through balls or fist them away but also once when he had to head a ball from 30 yards when he was well out of his box. Brennan McNicoll took almost all the TFCA cornerkicks and freekicks.

Astros almost took the lead five minutes into the second half when Victor Gallo rushed along right wing and crossed near the end line that had the TFCA goalie palm the ball over to the left and Astros Eric Grigore head a 5 yarder off the left post.

Although the crowd was small, about ten were from the Astros supporters who brought drums and sang in what I expect was Spanish. They had to compete with the DJ who played music every second that the ball was out of play even

when his discs were caught in a rut and kept repeating the same sound blip.

Brockton Stadium has been used by the CSL league before. Portugal FC was using it a few years ago before settling on Lamport Stadium (which is much closer to BMO Field). Lamport Stadium is often used by TFC Academy when they play on dates when Toronto FC is not scheduled. Brockton doesn't have a scoreboard and washrooms I'm not sure of their existance. The field is natural grass and was in fairly good shape--lots of rain the last two months but enough sun that it dries the surface. The field is also maintained by a local Portuguese community group for their own team that takes much better care than when the City overused it with too many permits.

BMO Field is now ready to have unrushed post game sponsored events like "Take A Shot on Tony The Tiger" without a time limit because of TFC Academy games. Today's Toronto FC program had a story about the Academy tieing the travelling Colo Colo (famous Chilean championship team) in Kitchener within the last two weeks but fans curiosity would be dulled with the effort required to see this game. A page reprinted in the program still had the game being scheduled at BMO Field.

Rocket Robin


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I caught the end of the SWE - Brantford game. In the post game interview the Brantford coach complained that some (he said the exact # but i now forget) of his best players had recently left to go back to Europe. Any truth to that? If so, any rumours of whether those players are being replaced?

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Two or three players are out of camp

-Drazen Govic has signed with Croatian club HNK Sibenik, which is competing in the UEFA Europa League championship


-Brantford born 16 year old Stefan Dancetovic who left the Galaxy for chance to play in Serbia with OFK Beograd's junior squad. There are hopes he will make the first team next season.



some other interesting notes from the first link

-Crnic also said the Galaxy is in talks with another European club in regard to Brantford import Zoran Roglic.

- two new European players will be signed by the Galaxy.

“It is a short-term loss, but there are other players on their way to Canada,” he said. “(Govic and Roglic) will be replaced with players that are of the same caliber, if not better.”

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