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What is the purpose of Major League Soccer?


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I wouldn't say it is "interesting" as much as someone trying to stir up a conversation or debate. His article is kind of stating the obvious, with regards to facts about MLS and Brazil.

The fact is MLS came into existence predominently so FIFA would award the States the '94 World Cup.

what its main purpose or existence should be is to provide a domestic league for Canadians and Americans to play in their own country as a developmental league. We allways say that one of largest reasons for Canada's failures as an International side is the fracture between the players playing abroad vs at home and the lack of top talent playing at home, instead moving abroad and risking their allegiance to Canada.

MLS vs Brasil Leagues or Argentine Leagues or Columbian Leagues or XXX Leagues etc is the fact that MLS has the financial backing and infrastructure model loaned to them from NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB.... both a blessing and a curse, no need to get into the pros and cons we are all aware of... The corruption in the other leagues is a reason they don't advance, coupled with lack of TV dollars and or playing in an undeveloped nation, economically.

One this is for certain, the Yanks National team program has come leaps and bounds since MLS' creation and the 94 world cup, and with a second and perhaps third, team in MLS we could see Canada's fortunes on the rise also.

With proper development academies in place, the risk of losing a Jonathan DeGuzman or Owen Hargreaves to the Netherlands and England, respectively, goes down... as players will no longer have to "flee" Canada to receive proper training, coaching and development. Not to beat the WFC drum too hardly, but look at the investment Kerfoot and Co. have driven into WFC as an organization, from Paul Barber, to bringing in Mike Salmon and Colin Miller, a replacement for Niendorf has been rumored/reported etc.

If you are a youngster like Owen Hargreave from Calgary and are at the top of your class, talent wise in canada, you no longer have to go to Germany to develop. I'm not saying TFC, WFC or Montreal's systems would turn a "player X" into Owen Hargreaves, but a player like Ethan Gage doesn't HAVE to move abroad to achieve goals anymore, and that is what I see as the major purpose for MLS, aside from the obvious which would be to serve football fans in the two countries with a game that is skillful and appealing to watch rather than rubbish constantly served up since the demise of the CSL back in the day (USL and A-League being total farces imho)

a humble offering of my $0.02 on the Matter.

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