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  1. Trillium, you must have never played the game. Imagine you work your tail off with a group of men in your premier league, you win the league or the cup, qualify for provincials and then win it. There's another trophy there- The National Championship... you don't care? your provincial title is enough? Give me strength.
  2. Trillium, they will lose sponsor funding by not hosting, if the ban continues you will see certain companies potentially pulling out of sponsorship of the QSF. Communities hosting finals will suffer business losses in Hotels and Pubs and Eateries due to not having 9-11 other Provinces/Territories there... etc etc etc
  3. I saw that TFC07, and that's what I was referring to, let's get all the kids wearing them!
  4. Haha, on the lighter side (stolen from a post on the same topic at another Football Forum) Can't we all just get along?
  5. Nothing-not yet anyways...continue the sanctions. The internal pressure won't fully ratchet up to a full boil till most important things are unattainable, like hosting and attending nationals by Provincials Winners...
  6. I'm as far away from the situation as can be in Canada, yet probably (just a guess) am sitting in the highest Sikh-Canadian per capita populace in Canada, living here in Vancouver- I have played with guys at the Mens level that have worn patkas, I've even played a game against a guy with a full blown turban...never have I ever seen any incidents, nor have I ever thought it could be perceived as dangerous. I've seen officials ask guys to remove earrings, chains, watches, braces that had sharp or metal things on them, but never a hat- I've seen guys play with Toques on extremely cold days...
  7. except for the fact that it opens a new debate ie Gershon Koffie... Right now Teibert and Clarke are the only 2 players on the Caps roster with Canada listed as their nation, with a requirement for 3 on the roster that must mean Koffie has his residency and they're counting him now no?...
  8. Who's whining? I'm just pointing out it is not only poor form to offer reduced pricing on certain things to certain people based on where they live- it's unethical. How would my customers react to being offered different prices based on where they are? They wouldn't. You pay extra for all that other crap you consume, but your true cost of living on the Island is FAR cheaper than those of us in the lower mainland. You don't pay the onerous metro vancouver taxes, generally speaking you have lower property values which in turn means less Property taxes, etc. You want cheap real estate-
  9. How is it even legal to sell items to only select individuals based on their billing address or area code!?
  10. he is a younger 33. Not someone who was at massive clubs playing a full club season as well as european football etc and was rarely featuring in the Scottish National setup as he rarely got ahead of Naismith on the left side and Ferguson, Brown, etc in the Scottish CM. He's a threat from setpieces and corners with an excellent left peg. I don't know why/how Whitecaps MLS fans with no knowledge of the man or has actually seen him play can pop off with opinions... same with that Nuru Sulley gent... you can't judge him till you've seen him. There's a reason I'm at work at my desk typing
  11. He's not Canadian, so you won't get anyone here thinking the Caps should sign him. Bentley here would be massive. He's held out of his spot at Spurs by guys like Aaron Lennon, Niko Kranjcar Rafael Van Der Vaart, Luka Modric etc. He's not not playing because he's crap. He's literally been blighted by injuries and is on a squad with immense amounts of depth which is why he's been loaned and not sold. If Spurs thought he had nothing to offer they'd have sold him by now.
  12. Anyone taking this in? I'm only able to follow it from my PC and through takethepiss.com. Our BC boys just went top of their group today after beating Sask 2-1 in their second pool game with 2 goals by former Whitecap David Morris...ICST Pegasus (Surrey) will play Quebec or Nova Scotia in Quarters. Our Women (Surrey United) are also doing well 3-0-0 through 3 games and look to finish first in the pool. http://www.canadasoccer.com/nationals/
  13. I've said it elsewhere a lot, so I might as well say it here too: TT had to go. I like him a lot as a guy and he was really good to the SS'ers, thus all their hate for the FO for this move... But he couldn't manage this team worth crap. Plays the would-be trequartista that is Davide Chiumiento as a winger, Cannon hasn't seen the grass/turf at all save one game, the tactics are too rigid, player selection process was completely confusing and made no sense often times... I'm just hoping more than anything the Caps start taking games to the opponent instead of playing that sta
  14. I hope to see: ------------------Hassli----------------------- Teibert------------Davide--------Salinas/Khalfan -----------Dunfield--------Koffie--------------- Rochat-----Demerit-------Akloul--Salinas/Leathers ------------------cannon----------------------- I fear we'll see: ---------------Camilo-------Hassli-------------- Teibert-------Dunfield-------Koffie---------Knight Rochat-------Demerit------Akloul---------Leathers -------------------Nolly-------------------------
  15. Guys, it's obvious that feeding this troll is only empowering him. The FACTS are the Whitecaps are struggling for reasons discussed at length eslewhere and on other boards and there's nothing they can do about the Vancouver Canucks, which will always be #1 in Vancity. It's just unlucky that the NHL had to schedule this game for today instead of Tuesday, it had to do with Rogers Arena being booked for a concert or something IIRC... It should have been either Sat/Monday or Sun/Tues... Sunday/Wednesday is weird, and out of the ordinary. i fail to see how the CSA messed this up... Look a
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