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Canuck Babes in Germany - April 2010 edition

Guest Ed

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Now that we have a few young ladies over in Germany, they deserve some coverage. The German DFB has a top women's league, known as the Frauen Bundesliga 1 and a 2nd division, known as the Frauen Bundesliga 2.

We have two teams to date with Canuck girls, both in the top flight (Frauen Bundesliga 1), SG Essen-Schoenebeck and SC Freiburg (who are also in the top men's flight, Bundesliga 1).

SG Essen-Schoenebeck has defender Emily Zurrer and midfielder Brittany Timko.

The team sits 9th in the 12 team top flight. Next game is against Eintracht Frankfurt, apparently live on DFB TV on Sunday (go to dfb.de and follow links for 'Die Ligen' to Frauen Bundesliga, etc).

URL for team: http://www.sgs-frauenfussball.de

Emily Zurrer is seeing plenty of p/t, either as a defender or striker but missed the last game (an FA cup victory). Timko has not appeared lately.

SC Freiburg has midfielder Kelly Parker. The team is sitting in 11th place.

URL for women's team: http://www.scfreiburg.com/teams/frauen-m%C3%A4dchen/frauen-i/letzter-spieltag

Parker has been playing regularily. Parker wins the city to live in sweepstakes hands down!!

I will try to find more stats etc. If you have any information on Cdn women soccer players elsewhere in Germany, please let me know.

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Unfortunately Brittany Timko hurt her knee. I don't know how bad but it's bad enough to keep her off the field. Emily Zurrer is a staple of Essen-Schönebeck's resurgence. I believe they were 1-3-8 before the two arrived and have gone 2-2-1 since (including a remarkable tie against Duisburg who are defending Euro Cup champions and have progressed to this year's semi-finals). Photos below.

Freiburg were 1-0-14 before Kelly Parker and Mele French arrived and have since won two of their past five.

As the American WPS international cap embargo sets in and with no Canadian supporters in terms of teams, they have already opened the door to more Canadian women.

We may scoff at the Iranian men and their attitudes towards women and soccer opportunities, but when you consider these women have to cross the world to play at a high level, we need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves some fundamental questions.




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Big win by SC Freiburg on Sunday as they defeat TeBe (Tennis Borussia Berlin) by a score of 2-0, with Kelly Parker playing the first hour in midfield (1-0 when she left). The win moves the Foxes (well that's the nickname of the men's team??) within range of safety (they sit 11th in a 12 team league, bottom two go down).

SG Essen-Shoenbeck did not fare so well, hammered 4-0 by 3rd place team FFV Frankfurt. They remain in 9th overall, just 2 points ahead of SC Freiburg and 1 point up on FC Saarbruecken. Emily Zurrer goes 90 minutes in defence.

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