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CSA Insanity.


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Definition of insanity: Repeating the same behaviour and expecting a different outcome.

1) Starting Pat Onstad in three successive semifinal World Cup qualifying campaigns. Each time clinging to the belief that he will finally win one of these games.

2) Allowing Dale Mitchell to stay in charge of the Men's National Team, after he has repeatedly proven (most recently at the 2010 World Cup qualifiers and 2007 u20 World Cup finals) to be incapable of getting the talent at his disposal to perform to their potential.

3) Letting Kevan Pipe set back Canadian soccer for 20 years.

Would Canadian soccer be better off without the CSA? Well, if we agree on the answer to this question, then Canadian soccer are as insane as the CSA for allowing this organization to remain in power!

Never mind designing a new governing body intended to replace the CSA if you can't figure out how to get rid of the CSA first.

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quote:Originally posted by Scottie

Robert, how many threads have you started with ranting posts like this one? Are you expecting something new and exciting to happen when you start these topics? Because that would be, by your definition, insane.

Yes that was what I was thinking as well. He starts off his post with: Repeating the same behaviour and expecting a different outcome. Then continues to post the exact same post he has posted over and over again often when there are other threads criticizing the CSA on the same page though usually in a far more rational manner. If anything he is only proving his similarity to the CSA more than his differences with it and proving he would be even less capable of running things than they are (which is a pretty big accomplishment).

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Is there a point to all this that hasn't already been beaten to death? Been raised a million times already? Is this "topic" really worthy of another new "topic"? Oh, good. Seems like my question has already been answered above.

Robert, give it a rest would you? I promise if/when some fresh CSA misstep comes up you or anyone else who wishes to can open a new topic about it and have a proper go at them. Again. But for now.


Nothing to see here folks. Move along.



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