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Homeless Krystal gets offer


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One of the top female players as reported by the globe and mail with twenty goals in the homeless world cup has been offered a oppourtunity to move to Holland and play with Dutch university.

See todays globe and mail.. feature full page article. Note the team was not associated with the CSA.

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The article is tremendously written by Dave Bidini of the Rheostatics, and is no doubt a teaser for a book on the Homeless World Cup he's releasing this year (he's also done documentary work for the CSA). His play "Five Hole: Tales of Hockey Erotica" will also debut this year.


"Krystal Bell, 19, is a former soccer prodigy who ran away from home to live in garages and rooming houses."

"Krystal, who keeps a photo in her back pocket of her mother, a prostitute and drug user who died of AIDS when her daughter was just 2, moved back and forth among teams, having her picture taken with the English, the defending-champion Scots and Team India, which had taken 32 hours to reach Oz and then, at the airport in Sydney, lost one of its players, who spoke no English and had never travelled before."

"Only Krystal avoided serious injury and by tourney's end, you couldn't bump into another player or coach who hadn't noted her resilience and athleticism. She had scored 20 goals, played nearly every minute of every game, and almost single-handedly carried a threadbare team to a trophy."

This attention culminated in a visit from Steven Coleman, the former Dutch international player who was coaching the Netherlands. After Team Canada's second game against Cambodia, he called over the teenager - who shares a room with her brother and two nephews in Toronto's Regent Park social housing complex - and asked if she would consider going to school in Rotterdam and playing for his university women's team.

"You have a good left foot," he told Krystal, who instantly grew wary - her default mode after years of being cheated and misguided by friends and accomplices. Was the offer for real? Already back working toward her high-school diploma, she later decided that, if it pans out, she'll go for it.

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Sorry Richard, that's the asynchronicity of the internet. Open a window, start a post, shovel a driveway, make a coffee, finish

and find out you're not alone in the world :)

We'll put it down to great minds thinks alike.

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