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An Example of what they are thinking asbout TFC.

May 3rd, 2007

Toronto FC fans are confused

By: Tom | 4 Comments

This post on Bigsoccer amused me, as Toronto fans prepare for their game with the Fire next week:

anyone speak spanish???

i want to make a banner for blanco, “the ball is one the field, not in our shorts” can anyone translate that into spanish for me? i dont trust web translaters, it’s never right

I hope nobody tells the guy that (a) he has enough trouble with English to begin with; and (B) Blanco doesn’t even join the Fire until July, as I’d love to take a picture of such a banner. Especially if he ends up using babelfish.

It’s also quite interesting that Toronto fans wave their national flag at games (above). They are the only Canadian team in MLS right now, but it’s going to be kind of lame if it encourages yoo-bah-Yankee bashing, or the reverse by prompting the waving of Stars & Stripes by U.S. teams.

What will I take? I’ll be leaving the Union Jack at home, let alone the Stars & Stripes, and am trying to get my hands on one of Chicago’s impressive municpal flags (below, right; credit). I can’t say I’ve ever seen the connection between national pride and your local soccer team.

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Who gives a crap about some idiot blogger. Obviously he's never seen a club match in England, where tons of people bring in the St. George's cross (with club affiliation written on it).

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quote:Originally posted by georg

I can’t say I’ve ever seen the connection between national pride and your local soccer team.

...kind of goes to show you just how far removed MLS still is from the rest of the footie world somtimes.

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Guest Jeffery S.

It is true that some club supporters do have regional or national flags waving, and other do not at all. In Spain for example, you see a lot of Spanish flags in Madrid, Basque ones in the Basque country, Catalan in Catalonia, but if you go to La Coruña for example you don't see any such flags, just Deportivo colours. So what happens at TFC is within the international logic. I am not sure, but perhaps there are Québec flags at Impact games?

The norm in US pro sports, however, is to not come with US flags except for when athletes are directly representing the US. So they find it odd.

I wonder if we would see so many Canadian flags at an MLS franchise in Vancouver, perhaps not.

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We see the Maple Leaf in great numbers in NHL arenas around Canada, especially in the playoffs. And remember, this is in a league where the Canadian clubs often harbour a deep resentment towards each other.

Identity, by and large, is dictated just as much by what you aren't as it is what you are. Hence, it's only natural that a Canadian club stuck in a sea of American teams, players and fans would choose to emphasize its difference.

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