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Canadians abroad: March 30 - April 5, 2007


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I watched my tape of the game last night and I thought he had a better second half then first. His decision to make a back pass header that ended up bouncing off Dawson could be seconded-guessed but the second goal came off a scramble with a number of defenders at sixes and sevens, so I would give him the benefit of the doubt there.

His match highlight for me was when he made that vital challenge on Kanoute in the second half, preventing a great scoring chance and preventing the tie from going to 3-1. Also, I liked his willingness to move the ball quickly with safer passes as opposed to Lee who, when he's in possession in the middle of the park or defensive third, looks like he trying to audition for "Dancing with the Stars" and then gives the ball away with a lousy pass.

quote:Originally posted by Jeffrey S.

Stalteri was good, holding his side well vs. Adriano

In the middle of the first half on two occasions I'm pretty sure it was Adriano who shifted it up a gear and got by Stalteri too easily, generating in two scoring chances (one prevented when Chimbonda bundled Kerzakov off the ball in the box, the other when Adriano laid it off for a shot from distance that Robbo hamhanded, with Stalteri clearing). Also, he seemed slow in closing down Kerzakov when the striker spun away from him and was able to have a good crack at goal. So I guess what I'm saying is that I thought he seemed a little slow on the defensive side at times, though his angles and original positioning were sound. I won't be his apologist, but when you've been out for a long duration with leg problems it takes awhile physically to get back to your best in terms of quickness.

Great to see him out there!

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quote:Originally posted by loyola

Atiba scored FCK third goal in their 3-1 win over Silkeborg.

I've been on vacation so I have not been able to reply... Atiba played one of his best games so far for FCK in this win against Silkeborg. A match report in english

..... and some highlights below :

FC København v Silkeborg IF 3-1 (0-1)

0-1 Berthel Askou (25)

1-1 Jesper Grønkjær (Pen.) (60)

2-1 Michael Silberbauer (69)

3-1 Atiba Hutchinson (71)

Attendance: 18,370

Highlights :



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