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for a french speaking, it's easy

the ui/uy is like a long œil or euil (feuille, seuil, etc.)

in phonetic alphabet, it's œ#655;

I'll try in english, but I'm sure other will do better

The k and the t, no problem

the U is like in much

the Y is like the y in eye, yes,...

so, mix that and you'll do it

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There simply is no way of announcing his name correctly using English examples.So here we go a name that we can't pronounce properly and so be it. All I do is snicker when I hear all the various ways. I remember that Graham Leggat would call me early Sat. morning or if he was doing editing to get me the right prenounciatian of certain names. He still sometimes screwed it up.And i totally understand,no big deal I knew he tried very hard.

If someone would call me and asked about Kuijt I would not know how to relate this to anything English. So good luck.

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