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CISer to Germany

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Didn't see this anywhere. Sorry if 2Xpost.

For UofS SIO:

"University of Saskatchewan Huskies forward Dean Beuker has announced

his signing with the Essen Moskitos of the Bundas league, the second

division in Germany. Former Huskies to go on to play in the Bundas

league include Jason Becker and Jeremy Stasiuk. (Note: Becker went to

the Elite Ice Hockey League in the UK for two years before coming back

to Germany to join the Heilbronn Falcons in 2005-06. Stasiuk has

played the last two years with the Rosenheim Star Bulls.)

After a four-year career with the Huskies, Beuker is looking forward

to heading across the waters. "I wanted to pursue hockey [after

school]... it'll be a different hockey adventure," said Beuker, who

departs for Germany Sunday morning. "It's a great opportunity for

travel and to see Europe. Troy [Walkington, Huskies assistant coach]

helped a lot with making sure it was a good place and a stable team.

It's going to be different... it'll just be hockey for a living, and

not school and playing hockey. And not to have all my friends and

family around... that will be the hardest part. There will be an

adjustment period."

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