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Grenada has Aspirations for 2010..

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Grenadian has Aspirations for South Africa in 2010

By Muddy Fox (sportsnetwork.net)


 - July 22 2006

Rovers’ striker Jason Roberts says that he still harbours dreams of leading Grenada into the World Cup in South Africa; “Grenada is very important to me, it’s my country, and it is where my family is from. I’m proud to have played for them…because it’s something I feel very strongly about.”

Roberts chose to play for the small West Indian island when he decided not to wait and hope for the opportunity to play for England, “I had the chance to play for the England Under-21s but I saw many players do that and then disappear. My uncle Cyrille Regis picked England and only got five caps, and what a player he was.” Since the performances of Trinidad and Tobago in this summer’s World Cup there is fresh confidence amongst the Caribbean islanders and belief that Roberts may play on the finest stage of all in the World Cup, South Africa 2010.

Roberts is used to being the underdog, as the optimist recalls one of the obstacles he encountered early in his football career, “When I was 16 I got dumped by Chelsea as well, but that’s life, although it’s hard to be so philosophical about it at the time! But you get setbacks and you have to come back strong from it, and just keep on going. Looking back, the disappointments you have are as important as the successes, maybe more so.”

The 28 year-old recently disclosed that, “I spoke to a pal of mine involved with Trinidad and Tobago and we agreed that a few years ago no-one would have believed they could make the finals. I've got to believe Grenada can get to the World Cup too - even if no-one else does. I am delighted to play for them whenever I can and whenever I am available.”

Before the World Cup Roberts clarified the problems facing his international team, writing in his column in The Times he explained, “The team is in its infancy and apart from myself and Torquay United's Tony Bedeau, most of the squad plays in the US in college teams and the professional leagues over there.”

The Grenadian talisman described, “I am the senior player because I am the only player from the Premiership to have played for Grenada, so I try to help the younger players through. They haven't had the opportunity to play in England or in the European Leagues, but when they play back home in Grenada or in the US they are very good.”

The former Wigan striker illustrated the difficulties in having an international squad who play their club football outside of their homeland, “It is very tough to make progress though, because now the World Cup qualifiers are over I won't be back over there until the Carribbean Cup next summer - but who knows, we could make it to South Africa in 2010.”

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