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Carlo Corrazin


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Carlo was great for us in the 2000 Gold Cup, where he won the Golden Boot and helped us win the tournament. That's the pinnacle of Canadian soccer so far, and Carlo was one of the leaders. At that time he wasn't known for having speed or size but give him the ball in the right spot and he always finished.

Unfortunately time has caught up to him and he looked out of shape for his last appearance with the Nationals during WCQ last year. He gamely showed up but we were all scratching our heads as to why the coach selected him.

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Scratching our heads!?! How about bashing my head against the wall sobbing "noooooooo, not Corazzin!!!!"

Hey did you guys have any chants or songs about him?

"He's fat, he's round.

He scores on every ground.

Corazzin! Corazzin! Corazzin!"

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