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  1. GOLTV is showing every game of the CONCACAF GOLD CUP. Due to rights issues with Rogers Sportsnet GOLTV will show Canada's matches on a 24 hour delay in the group stage. If Canada does get out of their group they can show Canada's matches live along with Sportsnet.
  2. FYI! For Immediate Release: May 17, 2007 GOLTV Brings Popular Copa America Tournament To Canada All 26 Games Live; Teams Include Brazil, Colombia and U.S Among Others TORONTO – GOLTV, Canada’s only 24/7 soccer network, announced today it will be the English-language home to the Copa America tournament. Access to all tournament games represents yet another win for Canadian soccer fans. The entire 26-match schedule will be seen live on GOLTV starting June 26, 2007. Held this year in Venezuela, the tournament features 12 national squads battlin
  3. whatever the reasoning is for the delay it's embarassing to have it all out in the media before a decision is officially made......
  4. FYI..... Toronto FC gets ready to kick off the 2007 season - Lee Godfrey talks to Head Coach Mo Johnston Bob Lenarduzzi gives us an update on the new soccer stadium in Vancouver, BC Godfrey spends some 'extra time' with Toronto FC's first overall pick in the 2007 MLS Superdraft, Maurice Edu Top 10 saves of the week – you don't want to miss this! Watch Extra Time Fridays only on GOLTV!
  5. How about petitioning IMG Canada and Soccer Properites Canada for their lack of organization and communication.....maybe there is a reason why a deal has not been done with ANYONE! Let's just say there was more than one network available and willing to carry the Scotland games and Bermuda.
  6. Currently no one holds the rights for Canadian Soccer. The Gold Cup will NOT be on CBC.
  7. Let's not forget how critical DeRo was in his opinion of Stephen Hart. I have no problem with the fact he was critical in his statements when he was named interim Manager, but it does cause concerns when DeRo or any current player for that matter is playing a role in hiring a manager. A recent former player (if that makes sense) at least has a very clear picture of the Canadian soccer landscape and will be looking out for Canada's best interests as a soccer nation....not looking out for his or her best interests. One might hope that would not be the case, but you never know how someone is g
  8. It's just a huge conflict of interest. How would the coaches feel going through the interview process with a current player sitting there. Player, "What are you going to do as coach for Canada???" Coach.."None of your f'in business...if you work a little harder I might select you to MY team." The last time I checked a coach never had to answer to a player...a player is just a player......get technical, qualified people to ask those questions or if not, a retired Canadian International that at least understands the landscape and what the current players deal with day in and day out.
  9. the hosts of th show talked about Holger (not Dero) thought I would clairify.....the whole thing with the players going to the CSA and in the end having a say in his dismisal.
  10. The Canadian Soccer Association asked Dwayne to sit in the interview process in their current search for men's national team head coach....Dwyane openly talked about Simoes. I would say it's a pretty big conflict of interest. They talked about Holger and what happened there with the players, but in the end Paul James said players should take care of their own knitting and not have an open say on who their coach is.
  11. Did anyone see Extra Time on GOLTV Friday? They had a phone interview with DeRo and the CSA actually had him in the interview process?? Is that right?? Should he be sitting in giving the players opinion? He said he felt awkward sitting there with Simoes, Mitchell and Hart. They mentioned maybe a past player should have been there to give a players perspective, but not a current one. Thoughts????
  12. saw this today........wonder what DeRo has to say???? Last week Extra Time was the first network in Canada to report that Brazilian born, former Jamaican National Team Manager, Rene Simoes, will be named as Canada’s next National Team Manager. Canada has been without a National Team Manager since Frank Yallop resigned to take over as Head Coach of David Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy. Stephen Hart has been Canada’s Interim Manager since that time. Watch Extra Time this week and see an exclusive interview with Canadian International Dwayne DeRosario. Extra Time brings the
  13. Didn't Harry say something like that too when he left Southampton??
  14. Extra Time, GOLTV's new half hour soccer news program reported last night that Rene Simoes is indeed going to be named Canada's MNT Head Coach. Interesting!
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