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Adrian Serioux


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quote:Originally posted by Timotas

He's unattached but will be playing in the MLS for the Metrostars.

If they can come to some sort of terms. Which I think pretty likely. The man may have a bit too much bite for MLS, though.

Seen that articule posted mentioning Red Card Serioux and Jazic being considered for the Metrostarts. Was mussing if this is a consious effort by MLS to scoop up some Canadians as they become available or just something out of the blue. If it is a scheme I'm left wondering how the Metrostarts profit from it in the end. That is of course assuming these players (if signed) would head off to Toronto for 2007.

Jazic might be a hard sell. At his age I'm pretty sure he doesn't need the money but his expectations may not be met by MLS.

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