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Fifa Rankings: Canada stays at 84

Guest Jeffery S.

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No the way the ratings work the bigger the difference in raking points more points you get from the game

Results from Spain game:

Each game starts with twenty points, spain gets all twenty because they won.

Spain: 20

Canada : 0

But now this is where it gets tricky. Canada being the lower ranked team gets the difference in fifa ranking points divided by 50 added to their score. While Spain being higher ranked gets the same amount subtracted. This is done no matter the outcome of the game. Spain has 739 and Canada has 513, for a difference of 226. So...

Spain : 20 - (226/50) = 15.48

Canada: 0 + (226/50) = 4.52

Now goal points are added, but I have no idea how that works. So lets just ignore it. But the away team always gets a bonus 3 points per game. So canada gets another 3 points.

Spain: 15.48

Canada : 4.52 + 3 = 7.52

Scores are now multiplied by a match status amount. They are:

Friendly match x 1.00

Continental championship preliminary x 1.50

World Cup preliminary match x 1.50

Continental championship finals match x 1.75

FIFA Confederations Cup match x 1.75

World Cup finals match x 2.00

This being a friendly so the score is multiplied by 1.00

Spain: 15.48 x 1.00 = 15.48

Canada : 7.52 x 1.00 = 7.52

Now the scores are multiplied by the regional strength.

UEFA x 1.00


CAF x 0.96


AFC x 0.93

OFC x 0.93

Since this is between two teams from the different regions, the factor is averaged so in this case (0.94 + 1)/2 = 0.97 . So we now get the final scores ...

Spain: 15.48 x 0.97 = 15.0156

Canada : 7.52 x 0.97 = 7.2944

If this is one of Canada's best seven scores of the past year it will be added. So we see how even a loss to spain can get us points. This again is without goal points, but that is because who knows how that works?

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