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Is Devos the Answer to Celtic's Defencive Woes?


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1). No.

(JDV is not the answer to a slow and confused Celtic back line which is too often been left to it's own devices by an equaly porrus midfield. Might be able to inprove communication and chemistry but I dought it would be enough. And besides he's out for a month).

2). Don't know.

(Even if he had the chance I dought he'd leave Ipswich. Their chances are good to go up, but Celtic are a different kettle of fish and WILL be playing in Europe AGAIN next year. That's an awfully nice carrot).

3). Huh...

(Level below Championship? Couple of sides maybe. Top seven-eight definately not. And I guarentee the Glasgow giants wouldn't have any trouble staying in the Prem. Even this year).

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