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PCSL Club Wins USSF-USASA 2005 Nationals


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The Seattle Hibernian & Caledonian F.C. of the Pacific Coast Soccer League Men's Division won the 2005 USSF-USASA National Cup Championship, defeating Region I champions Baltimore Allied 2-1 in the final in Dallas, Texas on Sunday, August 7th.

The Hibernian & Caledonian men's team had in June beaten Santa Clara Sporting (SCS) from Northern California, 2-1, to win the Region IV championship and earn their spot at the Nationals.


The Hibernian & Caledonian men tied with Fraser Valley Action for fourth place in the PCSL standings in 2005. The PCSL regular season ended July 20th.

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quote:Originally posted by The Ref

Where does the PCSL fit amongst other leagues in Canada, talking about their quality of soccer and competion. If there was to be a Canadian league of sorts with say two divisions, will the PCSL teams fit in any of those?

I caught the PCSL playoff semis in Kelowna a couple of weeks ago and by the games I saw I''d rate it above the AMSL.

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