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Is It Time For A Rugby Partnership?

Ian Kennett

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Since the Canadian national rugby teams play more games in Canada at present than do the soccer teams, and since the rugby men play in a farmer's field in, I believe, Vaughn rather than in a stadium (other than Thunderbird at UBC in Vancouver), I wonder if it isn't time for the CSA and Rugby Canada to get together and build a soccer-specific stadium at York or wherever.

If the Argos pull out and play at Rogers, then the new SSS would NOT have to have turf, an obvious plus when it comes to attracting top clubs and national teams. Obviously real grass is the best option.

I wonder if Rugby Canada could pull off 5 or 6 games a year at the new stadium, the CSA another 8-10 (M&W combined), a future MLS team 15, with other uses providing more dates (University teams). Surely this is better than playing on turf.


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