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canada B team(s)


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I believe that it was a stroke of genius on yallops part to get the ball rolling on the b team experiment,which IMHO was an overwhelming success.prior to the international pacific soccer series,olivier occean,josh simpson,adrian serioux,jaime peters,mocha grande,were barely in the national teams plans,now they are integral to the future of our national team.lets have more B teams and discover some more gems as stated above.

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quote:Originally posted by youllneverwalkalone

Here's some candidates for a North American based B-Team:












There must be a diamond in that rough somewhere.

That is pretty much the team that was at the World Youth Cup. Up to Lemire anyway.

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I agree that the B team has been Yallop's greatest contribution so far as coach. I think the team should be going on a short tour to Central American and Carribean countries during January or February. This would give us a chance to evaluate more players, keep the MNT program active during the long winter and learn more about how Canada stacks up against other CONCACAF countries. At this time of year we might have additional players available from Scandanavia and possibly from Germany (Bundesliaga winter break). A winter tour would represent more progress toward what we must do to be a serious contender for WC qualification.

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