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XMas Cards 2004


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Well, all said and done, we usually pull it off anyways....it's not so much a matter of christmas or this and that...it's more a gesture, at the end of a julian calendar year and close to a certain holiday of certain religious background, which I also do not subscribe to...hopefully, that makes it sound politically correct :-)..

we have pulled it off for 6 years now and so this year we will pull it off again as well. It's about building a community of soccer fans, establishing a link between fans and players.

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quote:Originally posted by Current Champ


Ok, maybe I'm a bit stressed over my trip to burnaby and the 20 eextra tickets, but when the trolls pile on... well... flipa.gif

I actually hate xmas (gasp), so offering to send good wishes to our guys who probably like it and miss home was kind of a step for me.

Come now, give Santa a hug... :)

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