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Man in Greek attire attacks leader


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ATHENS, Greece -- A man wearing a brightly colored costume bolted from the crowd and grabbed the leader of the Olympic marathon Sunday, about five miles from the finish.

The intruder wrestled Vanderlei Lima of Brazil to the curb and into the crowd. Police tackled the man and freed Lima.

Lima, whose lead had been slowly shrinking, was able to get back into the race but he lost several more seconds and eventually was overtaken by Stefano Baldini of Italy, who won the gold. Lima won the bronze medal after also being overtaken by Mebrahtom Keflezighi of the United States, who captured the silver.

The intruder, who police said was from Portugal, was arrested. His name was not immediately available.

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I heard in the news (I think it was BBC World) shortly after the incident yesterday that the guy who carried out the attack yesterday was Portuguese, and that he did something similar at an F-1 race last year.

Kind of sounds like the Superbowl streaker, but the streaker, as far as I know, never really interfered with competition, or physically attacked anybody. Plus it was hilarious that some guy was able to pull that off at the SUPERBOWL, especially with heightened security, etc., blah blah.

Edit: I guess it was an Irish guy after all... Who knew?!

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