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Calgary Mustangs vs Portland ****ers (R)

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Games about to kickoff webcast on :http://www.oregonlive.com/live/timbers/audio/index.ssf?radio1

At 5 minutes to kickoff commentator says theres about 100 fans in attendance and that there may be 10 members of the Timbers Army in Calgary who will certainly make more noise than the Calgary fans. Also stated the PA announcer in Calgary hasn't shown up yet so ther may be a delay!!

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August 8, 2004 – Calgary, Alberta

In a match that could have been won and could have been lost, Calgary settled for a 1-1 draw with the visiting Portland Timbers.

Under threatening skies, the match began slowly as the two clubs tried to measure up each other.

Calgary had the first chance of the afternoon, in the 20th minute, when Sergei Kolomiets-Raad made a fine move on the touchline and cut the ball across the Portland box, but it was just behind an open Walter Otta, who was lurking 4 yards from goal.

Two minutes later the Mustangs would threaten again, as Jamie Auvigne tried a powerful left-foot shot from 25 yards, but his effort sailed wide of the right post.

Portland’s first opportunity came in the 25th minute when Alan Gordon got clear on the 12 yard mark, but slid his shot just past the left upright.

Finally, the deadlock was broken in the 27th minute, on a wonderful passing build-up from Kolomiets-Raad and Mesut Mert, which resulted in Otta getting the time and space to pick his spot and drive it past Portland keeper, Josh Saunders, into the right corner of the net.

Portland tried to answer back five minutes later, when Gordon had a free header to the left of the Calgary net and forced Lutz Pfannenstiel to push the ball around the near post and into the side netting.

The 36th minute saw Calgary come close again, when Geert Brusselers’ close-in header was deflected wide after a fine cross by Otta.

The last chance of the half fell to Portland, as Byron Alvarez stole the ball from Calgary’s Angelo Sestito at the top of the box, but his shot was fired well left of the Mustangs’ net.

HALFTIME SCORE: Calgary 1 – 0 Portland

Calgary’s Steffen Holdt did a little thievery of his own in the 57th minute, as he picked the pocket of the Portland defender and rounded his marker to have a shot on goal. Unfortunately, the shot was aimed right at the chest of Saunders, who made the easy save.

After a number of Portland substitutions, the tide of the game began to swing in the Timber’s favour, as the fresher legs began to threaten the Calgary defence.

Alvarez powered through the Mustangs’ Mike Pavicic in the 67th minute, and shot from a tight angle, but Pfannenstiel did well to get low and cover the angle and the shot rolled through the 6 yard box and away from danger.

Portland’s pressure was rewarded in the 72nd minute when substitute, Fadi Afash, outjumped his marker at the far post, after a perfect cross, and headed the ball past a sprawling Pfannenstiel.

The 85th minute saw Portland nearly take the lead, when Jake Sagare found enough space to unleash a cannon from the top of the box and forced a diving save from Pfannenstiel.

Seconds later, Calgary thought they should have had a penalty kick awarded, as Otta had been sent through on the Portland goal and was brought down simultaneously by the defender and the Timbers’ keeper, but the referee signaled for the play to continue.

The final chance of regulation fell to Portland, but Afash’s 87th minute header, from a cross by Sagare, slipped right of the post.

Overtime witnessed a similar pattern, and Portland threatened again in the 100th minute as Edwin Miranda tried his hand on a 28-yard free kick, but his attempt flew just over the bar.

Portland came close again in the 107th minute when Daniel Antoniuk managed to bring down the ball with his toe at the right of the Calgary net and drive towards goal. Pfannenstiel rushed out to cut off the angle and block the shot, but suffered a boot to the head that found him down in the pitch for a few minutes. Pfannenstiel did manage to shake off a broken nose and finish the game.

Walter Otta nearly grabbed the points for Calgary when he was played through on a nice ball by Nik Reyes, but he was bothered enough by the defender to fire his shot high and wide.

Portland would have the last chance of the match, off a corner, when Lee Morrison met a long corner and directed a header towards the top-left corner of the Calgary net. The ball sailed achingly over the crossbar.

After a bright beginning where Calgary controlled much of the first half, they were lucky to escape with a point.

The Mustangs travel to Edmonton on Tuesday to play their provincial rivals, Edmonton FC. Match time is 7:30 PM Mountain Time.


27:00 – Calgary – Otta (Holdt)

72:00 – Portland – Afash (Alcaraz-Cuellar)

Calgary Lineup:

Pfannenstiel, Pavicic, Sestito, Pesznecker, Auvigne, Brusselers, Holdt, Kolomiets-Raad (Zuniga 81), Jesic (Reyes 93), Mert, Otta

Portland Lineup:

Saunders, Thompson, Wilkinson, Morrison, Henning (Miranda 53), Alcaraz-Cuellar, Winters, Gregor (Afash 64), Sagare, Gordon (Antoniuk 81), Alvarez (Benedetti 68)


Calgary – 6

Portland – 7


Calgary – 6

Portland – 5


Calgary – 22

Portland – 19


Calgary – 2

Portland – 5


Calgary – 4

Portland – 8


Calgary – Auvigne (70), Otta (94)

Portland – Greger (45)

Referee: Daniel Belleau

Attendance: 1002

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Sorry for back-to-back posts, but I just read the first post by Krammerhead for the first time.

The commentator sounds like a freakin' idiot. He obviously can't count. Plus, there were only two Timbers fans there and they were quite quiet. We had the drums going quite well, but whenever we stopped, it did get quite quiet in the stadium :(

The officiating was atrocious, but it was equally bad for both sides (some of our offside calls were horrible, as well). Obviously, the commentator is a homer.

He was right about the PA though, they were having trouble cueing up the National Anthems.

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Yes, the Portland announcer is a homer, and he was worse than usual today. Reading various posts I knew that there was only going to be two Timbers fans showing up, but the guy had to exaggerate as usual. He even tried to make it sound like the Calgary goal was offside stating that the referee was behind the play or something or other. At any minute I thought he was going to say that they had found weapons of mass destruction in the Calgary dressing room.

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Well, judging from how small the commentator mentioned the crowd was, and that the USL has it listed as 550, I'd wager the USL comes closer to the real attendance than what the team would like to announce.

Either way attendance was horrible. Even if it was 1,002 with attendances like that the team won't be long for the A-League.

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quote:Originally posted by Cooks

Bugger off

Just speaking the cold hard truth. No team in the A-League can survive averaging what the Mustangs do except Virginia Beach. They are owned by an owner who has gone on record as saying silly things such as "you can't control the attendance," which is why he doesn't promote the team. Of course he's very rich, so the team survives.

You can tell me to bugger off, keep quiet or whatever. Shutting up won't help the team survive.

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While I can't debate that KH has a point and the attendance definitely needs to improve, I guess the locals should just sit by and let him use his extraordinary powers of ESP to know what the attendance was. Why run his mouth on something he has no freaking clue about?

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While they are low, I wouldn't be entirely focused on the attendance. They organization has a long way to go after the last couple of years to establish some trust back in the community. If the ownership is in it for a few years and is focused on building a competive club (which the team has showed signs of lately) the attendance will improve.

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quote:Originally posted by Soccer Hack

While I can't debate that KH has a point and the attendance definitely needs to improve, I guess the locals should just sit by and let him use his extraordinary powers of ESP to know what the attendance was. Why run his mouth on something he has no freaking clue about?

I didn't use ESP you moron. I used the official USL attendance figure. They got that number from somewhere, perhaps fed upwith the inflated numbers Calgary was officially releasing, which seems to be double the actual number.


Ahh, I'll just lets sounderfans photos speak for themselves.

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