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Fantasy Premier League

Andrew W

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Many of you may already know or play the Fantasy Premier League, but I've opened a league within the game called the Canadian Premiership. Code to enter the league is 1754-8889. It's free and easy.

You can sign up for your fantasy team at the link below and it's pretty self-explanitory.


If you already have a team feel free to join the league.

P.S. post here if you plan on joining so I can keep track.

P.P.S. I play this one as well as Mimglow's super-dooper pool (which I totally blew last year).

My team is: Howard, Southgate, Woodgate, Terry, DeZeeuw, Gerrard, Nolan, Dyer, Lampard, Van Nistelrooy and Lua Lua. Subs: Gallacher, Boyce, Mulryne, Svensson.


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quote:Originally posted by sstackho


Then you must visit www.akiriihilahti.com so you know what you're getting into. Check out the News section. :)

Or with a name like Timotas - are you Finnish?

I'm not Finish, I'm Portuguese/English :) Oh well though, whats wrong with Aki? I wanted atleast one Palace player, because thats my parents home town!

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There's nothing wrong with Aki. He's a nutter... but in a good way! His website articles are hilarious, and he also has a regular article in The Times in the UK. He had some absolutely fantastic and touching articles down the final stretch of last season, which ended in winning the promotion final.

Not overly known for his offensive prowess, however! (Although he did score against England)

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quote:Originally posted by Mimglow

Hey guys!

As Andrew mentionned, I also run a Prem pool, check it out at www.mimglow.com!!! All are welcome, it's free of charge.

Hey, join this pool as well. One good turn deserves another. ;)

Free to join, easy to play.

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quote:Originally posted by Joe05

I'm in. Team name is Joeyfloydhasselbaink. I'm not revealing my team though!

We'll find out soon enough! :D Once play starts you can see everyone's team by clicking on it. Plus, we'll all be making changes with our free transfer every week. Already considering dumping Woodgate, considering he's as fragile as a grandmother (and that's being mean to grandmothers).

We've got six teams so far. Some of you guys in Mimglow's pool join up. Just use the above info.

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Well, just a few days and we have 11 teams in the league. There's also a message board for our league so when you check your score you can talk some trash. My team has changed so much with my hedging nature and the injuries to some players. Oh well, all for fun.

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Season's over and i finished a very respectable 2nd place! not bad considering i hadnt checked on my team for the last 8 weeks or so! Maybe that was a blessing in disguise! congrats to joe r the winner.

I only have 1 plkayer left at the end of the seaosn form my opening day roster (that being lampard).

lets do this again next year! haha

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