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Stephen Owen new minister in charge of sport

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Stephen Owen moves from Public Works to Western Economic Development and the minor portfolio of Sport.



http://www.globeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20040720.wibbitson20/BNStory/National/ (notice these buggers don't even mention sport!)

How to react to this?


First off, this guy doesn't exactly strike me as a sportsman:


Second, since Western Economic Development has been upgraded to a full portfolio, sticking up for "the west" will keep him busy.

Third, the articles say that he'll have a major role in the upcoming 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. This will also keep him busy.


If a non-sportsman gets whacked over the head with major Olympic responsibilities, perhaps it would make him more inclined to pro-actively deal with other sporting issues.

Any other thoughts (other than the hairpiece)?

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Not only is he not much of a sportsman he's not very sporting. The election before last cameras caught him removing opponents election signs early one morning. Once caught he claimed that they were not allowed in the spot that they were put. A quick look at the election rules proved him wrong.

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