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Who's your number 2?


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We obviously all support Canada, but I was just wondering who is everyone's number 2 team? Or do you even have a number 2? For myself, it's Scotland. (yes, watchig international soccer has been painful).

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My teams:

1. Canada (obviously)

2. Scotland

3. Ireland and Wales

4. Northern Ireland

5. England

6. My rotating favourites (Brazil, France, Germany, and Uruguay are among those that have have occupied this spot... I figure there are enough underdogs in one through five.)

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Norway!!! Then Wales. When I traveled Europe the first time these were the countries where I was adopted by locals and treated like gold.

I also like Germany (where my family came from 200ish years ago) and Holland (the most socially responsible country).

I usually start any tournament hoping Italy, Brazil, and the US don't do well.

Worst tournament final in the history of ever??? Italy v Brazil, USA '94... 120 mins. No goals.

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quote:Originally posted by devioustrevor

Call me a sentimentalist, but I like cheering for the underdog.

Yeah. Can't help myself either[|)]

Pretty much all the teams from the British Isles & Ireland. Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales. In that order. Just because of familiarity.

Couldn't care less 'bout Northern Ireland.

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Internationally , Canada . That's it.

Other than that , more of a who's hot who's not thing. Just want to see a good game . I tend for some reason to have my eye taken by the smaller nations . But to run out into the streets screaming it would have to be a Canada win. Ancestory is nice . But this is my country.

Foreign leagues I'm more familiar with British , Irish. But it may be more that I'm most comfortable in English and let's face it we have been more exposed to British soccer especially before point and click instant information days. But that interest doesn't pass to the international game.

But hey following soccer isn't a bad pastime. Whatever part of this planetary game you chose to have an interest in.

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