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Voyageurs Cup Match 4: Edmonton vs. Montreal [R]


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<center>Voyageurs Cup 2004

Match 4Edmonton Aviators vs. Montreal ImpactTuesday, June 15, 2004 - 8:30 PM MDT

Commonwealth Stadium, EdmontonText updates: Impact Web site</center>

Match Previews


   » First-ever Voyageurs Cup match

   » VC:  0-0-0  0-0  0  /  A-League:  0-4-3  2-11  4

   » Aviators media release


   » VC:  3-0-0  7-0  9  /  A-League:  8-1-0  18-1  25

   » Impact media release


Voyageurs Cup

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From The Edmonton Sun:

Well-earned draw for Avs


The thrashing that the Edmonton Aviators were expected to suffer at the feet of Montreal Impact came oh-so-close to turning into the biggest shocker in franchise - and maybe A-League - history. In the end, though, the Aviators (0-3-5) are still winless, having to settle for a well-earned and respectable 1-1 OT draw with the league-leading Impact (8-0-2) who entered the final leg of a three-game road trip with a perfect 5-0 road record after wins in Vancouver and Calgary.

Jaime Lopresti drew a yellow card for stripping off his shirt after the goal - the team's first on home soil - but the fiesty display, though dampened shortly afterwards, was worth it.

"We were getting bad results and we were a goal ahead with 10 minutes left, you want to celebrate with your team and you're just happy," said Lopresti, who has pocketed two of the Aviators' three goals - both from the spot.

Chris Lemire drew a penalty kick in the 81st minute as he deftly dangled into the box and Lopresti, one of the club's Chilean imports, made no mistake with a perfect touch to beat keeper Greg Sutton. Down to their last threat, the Impact wove a free kick into a 90th-minute equalizer as substitute Darko Kolic flicked a header past Jose Luis Campi after a well-placed cross by Joel Bailey.

"Most of our team was psychologically very down and we were beating the best team in the league. We were very happy but one little error cost us the game," added Lopresti. "This game should have been ours."

Coming off a tumultuous week that included a 6-0 pasting in Portland and the release of veteran defender Rick Titus, the Aviators appeared to be no match for the Impact who came in having outclassed their opposition to the tune of 18-1 in goal differential.

Although the Impact had the best chance in OT - a deflected drive by Vincello Mouricio that narrowly slipped past the near post - the Aviators hung in by picking their spots to go from cautious to aggressive.

"It's a stepping stone and something you've got to build on," said head coach Ross Ongaro, whose club also gave away a three-point decision by surrendering a late goal in Calgary back on May 15.

"This team is new, it's a team that's had its troubles in the past and we've got over that."

TITUS TO T.O.: Less than a week after being released by the Aviators, former A-League defender of the year Rick Titus is set to join his hometown Toronto Lynx. Titus took in last night's game to get a glimpse of the Impact, who will be the Lynx opponent on Saturday.

FLIGHT PLAN: Both Aviator teams are back in action next Monday when the men host Vancouver at 6 p.m. and the women follow against Fort Collins.

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I think so too...despite what some people think, little things like the weather really do play a big role in how many people come out the games. It may not be a huge impact on already established teams like Vancouver and Montreal.. but it sure is on almost unknown teams.

The other thing is that the team is still relatively unknown. I'm starting to hear adverts on the radio, and some comments in the media, so hopefully a couple of good results will push up the attendance.

BTW, Canadian_goal_scorer, ever visit the Hangar?

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quote:Originally posted by strobe_z

I think so too...despite what some people think, little things like the weather really do play a big role in how many people come out the games.

The other matter holding back attendance is the school year. June is INSANE for most families, especially soccer families in Edmonton. The community soccer system (that'd be EMSA - those kids with all the passes) ENDS next week. Kids play either M-W or Tu-Th games, with many families going all four nights (multiple kids). I suggest we have not begun to see this crowd show up.

Also, school itself let's out in a couple of weeks. Most parents are pretty stretched during the week. I think the mid-week games will be an advantage starting in July as they won't interfere with family getaways to cottages, camping, etc.

I predict we'll see some much bigger crowds in the back half of the season.

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