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Aviators schedule conflicts


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Turns out that some games are going to conflict with the Esks home sked.

July 15th Aviators women v. Denver at 4 PM with the men against Milwaukee at 6 PM.

The Esks have a home game against Hamilton for 5 PM that day.

The Aviators also have a game on the 29th of August agianst the Mustangs at 4 PM. The Esks have a game against the Renegades at 2 PM.

This was reported in the Wed. Journal.

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When you consider that the A-League had its schedule out first, the Eskimos must have an exclusivity clause at Commonwealth (a city-owned facility) that allows them to bump the Aviators (that's just a guess, BTW). I hope the Aviator games aren't moved to midweek. It also may mean some re-arranged plans for visiting teams (not to mention fans [V]).

Oh, well.

P.S. I think the first conflict is on Saturday July 17. And the Aviator game times appear to be listed in EST, not local time. :D



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CFL can go f*ck itself.

Didn't they even bother to look at the Aviators' schedule, seeing as it was out first?

Grade-A w*nkers...

Here's what Edmonton fans should sing at all the "moved" matches:

"Stick yer eggball up yer ass,

Stick yer eggball, stick yer eggball, stick yer eggball up yer ass,

Stick yer eggball up yer ass... HEY!"

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