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Calgary Wildfire- W-league


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Sort of a 70's-kinda bad-song-genre-for-a socker team name, ala NASL and predecessors (I can see those ugly jerseys and uglier logos in a bad Cheetah-like flashback, due to bad African wine). Are they gonna have weird fake-leather tassels on the chests like the Colorado Caribou's of the mid-70's?

Shoulda called the A-League reincarnation in Cowtown, the "Rhinestone Cowboys", instead of the "Mustangs". I would have preferred the "Lady mustangs" or the "Lady Fire".


: by Michael Murphy, one of the worse of a long line of Glen Campbell (I think he sang back-up for his good ol' buddy Mike on this one) wannabees (which included Kenny Rodgers):

She comes down from Yellow Mountain

On a dark, flat land she rides

On a pony she named Wildfire

With a whirlwind by her side

On a cold Nebraska night

Oh, they say she died one winter

When there came a killing frost

And the pony she named Wildfire

Busted down its stall

In a blizzard he was lost

She ran calling Wildfire [x3]

By the dark of the moon I planted

But there came an early snow

There's been a hoot-owl howling by my window now

For six nights in a row

She's coming for me, I know

And on Wildfire we're both gonna go

We'll be riding Wildfire [x3]

On Wildfire we're gonna ride

Gonna leave sodbustin' behind

Get these hard times right on out of our minds

Riding Wildfire

(# 26 on the list of Worst Songs of All Time:

http://www.popculturemadness.com/Music/WORST-Steve.html )

My theory is that the name was barfed up during a drinking session of the directors in early Decemeber when there was a weird juxtaposition on the news of the California wildfires and Glen Campbell being charged with hit-and-run and drunk driving ( http://abcnews.go.com/wire/Entertainment/ap20031209_2456.html ).

But, gotta wait to hear the inside from the beer-sotted

fly-on-the-wall to confirm.

July 14, Commonwealth Stadium, this summer, hear the chant:

"Wheeeeeeeeeeel be ridin' Wiiiiiiii-iiiiiiii-iiiiilllldfire!"

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I dont think many people would want to go all the way out to Rugby Pary(i heard it was out of the way for most poeple in calgary) for a Wildfire game. I thik that Calgary F.C, The Wildfire, Calgary Minor Soccer and the City of Calgary to biuld a proper soccer stadium that seats around 6000. Im sure this could be very possible.

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Maybe something like Brian Timmis Stadium in Hamilton. It has lights and a great pitch. All I would change are more press boxs, seats behind the net, and maybe some personal seats on one side of the grand stand aswell. How much would a stadium like that cost? I think if the split the cost between them and maybe get a coporate sponsor for naming rights to the stadium it could happen.

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Waiting game

Wildfire officials optimistic about semi-pro league


Their shorts won't be tight but the soccer should be pretty good.

The expansion W-League Calgary Wildfire, a women's semi-pro team, is set to make its debut this season under the United Soccer Leagues' umbrella.

Team officials have kept details about the club to a minimum, preferring to wait until everything is in order before making an announcement, even though the league schedule was released on Dec. 19.

"There are so many rumours flying around with the (A-League Calgary Mustangs) and so much happened with them last year, we want to make sure all of our ducks are in line and everything looks professional as it comes out," said general manager Glenn Ramsay, whose team will play in the Western Conference.

So far the club, owned by a group of local investors, doesn't have a coach although that could be sorted out as early as today if the Wildfire hire an unnamed university soccer coach.

In addition, the club hasn't signed any players but Ramsay said the team is interested in the likes of Calgarians Christine Latham, a striker, goalkeeper Taryn Swiatek and defender Breanna Boyd, all of whom are members of the national team and will likely be busy playing for Canada if it can qualify for the Olympics in Greece following the final qualifying tourney Feb. 25-March 7 in Costa Rica.

"A lot of that is based on the coach. Obviously there are lots of very good Calgary-based players that we're interested in but that'll be up to the coach to make sure they fit within (the team's framework)," said Ramsay.

"The majority of them will be Major League and NCAA players."

Stephanie Hoogveld, the U of C Dinos' star striker, wouldn't mind playing for the Wildfire.

"I'm planning on trying out and seeing what it's all about," said the 19-year-old education student, who led the Dinos with five goals last season.

"The league sounds pretty good and I'd like to play over the summer."

Calgary is one of a dozen new franchises, including the Edmonton Aviators, set to join the W-League for the 2004 campaign and will play its first home game on May 29 against the Arizona Heatwave, scheduled to be contested at the Calgary Rugby Union, which seats 2,800.

"We tried to push back a lot of our home games so we can try to guarantee that we've got good weather to play in," said Ramsay, adding the team's uniform base-colours will be dark red and white.

The Wildfire open their inaugural season on the road, May 14, in Vancouver against the Whitecaps, then travel to Seattle the following day to play the Sounders.

None of the players will be paid but the team can sign professionals who would essentially compete but not get rewarded financially for their efforts.

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