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Reason for Optimisim


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A good day yesterday, I think. Certainly one for optimism. We have hired ourselves an up and coming coach. We have had confirmed that the CSA is involved with the Whitecpas oganization in efforts to get a national training centre and heard more - albeit sketchy - details of a stadium in Vancouver. And to top it all off: "He's (Yallop) young and hopefully he'll get us away from that kick-and-rush football," CSA president Andy Sharpe said.

Now, I think we all realize that this can all go horribly wrong. It has before. But today, I am optimistic about the direct our teams are taking. Overall we've come off three successful tournaments - U-19 WWC, WWC, and U-20. Our U-17 mens' team lost out on goal difference to two quarterfinalist in the U-17 MWC. The Men's Gold Cup sits as the only real failure of the lot, and even then, we did manage to defeat Costa Rica in the debacle.

Who knows where Yallop will take us. A tough Semi-final group could see us out earlier than we'd all like. Nevertheless, today, I think, Sampson and Multinovic are more worried than they would have been 6 months ago.

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quote:Originally posted by Gordon

Nevertheless, today, I think, Sampson and Multinovic are more worried than they would have been 6 months ago.

Maybe I'm being rah-rah here, but I'd think said two bastards must be keeping a leary eye on the goings on up here in the Great White North. The players are out there to make us a grand team. Quit sure of that.

Lack of familiarity and depth have been our undoing as much as anything else I'd say. Correcting those problems, which seems to be beginning as WCQ draws nearer, is the greatest new threat in our arsenal.

Did a quick browse, made a little club list of fellows we have who're stars, starters, or otherwise 1st team members on their squads overseas. I left out Tranmere(big deal) and Udinese (fingers & toes crossed) because I'm quite sure one is on the way out and the other has an uncertain role, but you get the picture. Pretty good list by my opinion.

Werder Bremman, Everton, Benfica, Hannover 96, Hearts, Rapid Vienna, Wigan, Sheffield U., Nott. Forest, St. Gallen, La Louviere, San Jose, Moss, Jahn Regensburg, Orebro.

Any squad draw from players at those clubs isn't a serious threat in CONCACAF? Easy to be hopefull on paper I guess.

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