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Canada still at 78 ...


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Just had a look at the points difference from June 2003 and July 2003.

In June Canada was ranked 78 with 482 points

In July Canada was ranked 78 ( still :()with 492 points

So the win against Costa Rica meant we gained a 10 whole points for that win.

As for Cuba

In June Cuba was ranked 63 with 532 points

In July Cuba was ranked 53 with 544 points

So that means that for beating Canada 1:0 and losing to Costa Rica 3:0. Then losing in the Quarters to USA 5:0 means that Cuba gain 12 point and jump 10 places. The main reason I can see for Cuba to rise 10 places is that the other teams around them were not active this month.

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quote:Originally posted by canuck

Sorry if this is a naive question - Are the ratings done on a continuous basis or once a month or year etc.

The rankings are released once a month, and can be seen at:


Under the FAQ link, you can find a full explanation of how they do the rankings.

But I don't put much stock in their rankings, which are often quite strange. Other folks out there have made their own rankings, which often make more sense than the FIFA rankings. See http://home.sprynet.com/~ronkessler/rankings.htm for an example (though not quite current), and links to others. But since FIFA rankings are actually used for things sometimes (eg, which teams get byes in qualifying), they are actually "important".

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