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Gold Cup Semifinal 1: USA vs. Brazil U23 [R]


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This is bad. Let's hope Mexico or Costa Rica thrash them in the Final. Couldn't stand seeing a non-CONCACAF team win our regional championship.

Mimglow, Ottawa


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I've never felt so drained from a match since US-Germany last year. 3 minutes from victory only to lose 2-1. Out of curiousity, did anyone else think Keller made an error on the 1st goal? With Friedel out there he handles it correctly and we win. Still it was a fair result. We would have been lucky to win as Brazil had a goal called back and created more chances.

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A few observations since I'm here in the States this week:

This game was reported in all the papers. But only one of the five reports I saw bothered to mention that this was the Brazil Under 23 team. They're all bragging about how the U.S. managed to almost tie the World Cup champions.

Last week's TV ratings for the L.A. area were just released. The Mexico/Jamaica game was the highest rated sporting event on Sunday, July 20. Its 5.6 rating was 5.6 times the audience the USA/Cuba game received the day before.

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