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Cuba Defeats Canada 2:0 At Gold Cup

Ottawa, Ontario – Canada’s Men’s World Cup Team were today defeated 2:0 by Cuba at the 2003 CONCACAF Men’s Gold Cup at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts placing them in second place in Group D.

Cuba scored their first of the match in the 13th minute when Jamie Colome passed the ball up to a Lester Moré who had slipped behind the Canadian defense to easily blast the ball past goal keeper Lars Hirschfeld to the far left post.

In the 23rd minute, Richard Hastings crossed to an open Martin Nash whose shot is deflected by the Cuban goal keeper Odelin Molina. Canada is again unsuccessful in the 27th minute when Kevin McKenna’s shot from 20 yards out is deflected by Molina.

Before the end of the first half, Jason DeVos held Cuba from scoring a second goal when he intercepted a cross by Liván Pérez in the 37th minute.

Moments into the second half, Cuba was able to score their second goal in the 46th minute, Pedro Adriani Faife slipped past his Canadian defender and crossed towards Moré who effortlessly sent the ball past Hirschfeld.

Canada, determined to equalize the match continued to pressure Cuba with numerous chances in the second half. Paul Stalteri missed two opportunities; in the 62nd minute he was unable to take a shot while standing all alone in front of the net and in the 86th minute when he again failed to shoot after stepping behind the Cuban goal keeper. Another failed attempt came in the 81st minute when Iain Hume blasted the ball just right of the post after rushing past a Cuban defender.

“It was a poor performance by our team. We came out sloppy in the first 20 minutes and they punished us for it,” said Head Coach Holger Osieck. “It was an unsatisfactory performance and very disappointing.”

This was Canada’s second loss to Cuba in eight encounters.

Canada is now second in Group D with Cuba ahead with the higher goal difference. Canada will wait for the result from the upcoming Cuba and Costa Rica match on Wednesday to see where they place in Group D. If Canada wins the group, they will play the second place team in group C on Saturday. If they place second, they will play the first place team in group C on Saturday.

Group D Standings


CUBA 1 0 0 2:0 3

CANADA 1 0 1 1:2 3

COSTA RICA 0 0 1 0:1 0

July 14, 2003 – 2003 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Gillette Stadium - Foxboro, MA

Canada 0(0)

Cuba 2(1)

Cautions: Canada - Paul Stalteri (45+), Paul Fenwick (67); Cuba - Jaime Colome (34)

Goals: Cuba - Lester More (13, 46)

Canada: 22-Lars Hirschfeld; 2-Paul Fenwick; 3-Richard Hastings (9-Carlo Corazzin, 76); 5-Jason deVos ©; 7-Paul Stalteri; 8-Daniel Imhof; 10-Kevin McKenna; 11-Martin Nash (13-Atiba Hutchinson, 81); 12-Nick Dasovic; 15-Maycoll Canizalez (17-Iain Hume, 46); 16-Chris Pozniak; Head Coach Holger Osieck.

Subs not used: Pat Onstad; Jason Bent; Nevio Pizzolitto; Davide Xausa; Carlo Corazzin

Cuba: 1-Odelin Molina; 3-Jeniel Marquéz; 4-Silvio Pedro Miñoso; 5-Alexander Cruzata; 6-Liván Pérez ; 7-Jorge Ramírez ; 10-Lester Moré; 13-Maikel Galindo Castañeda (9-Lazaro Dalcourt, 81); 14-Jaime Colome; 16-Reizander Fernández (2-Nayuri Rivero, 57); 17-Pedro Adriani Faife

Free the banana cream 3!

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quote:Originally posted by Ed


Cuba Defeats Canada 2:0 At Gold Cup

CSA Report:

Subs not used: Pat Onstad; Jason Bent; Nevio Pizzolitto; Davide Xausa; Carlo Corazzin

I guess it must have been Corazzin's double the one that was subbed in.

It is nice the geniouses at the CSA got it right! Holger is beginning to look like T3, we can't make him go away!

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