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About the CPSL...


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as some of you might already know,

im 15.5 from israel and next year im going to Canada and i well

like to have a try and join a soccer club (I guss the north york astros),anyway,as i understand the CPSL isn't very Professional

and i wanted to ask you people:

do players at the CPSL get other big teams waching them(like lets say the Toronto lynx),do you think its a good start for a more Professional carrer?

thank alot!!

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The CPSl is a great stepping stone league. There has been many players that have gone up to a bigger team from the CPSL. There is also NORTH YORK ASTROS(www.northyorkastros.ca), TORONTO SUPRA( http://www.torontosupra.com/) and METRO LIONS(www.metrolionssoccer.com)in Toronto. Also you can go to www.cpsl.ca/forum to talk to other cpsl fans.



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quote:Originally posted by ziv2002

thanks Jarrek,

but can you just tell me whats a "amatur contract"?


An amateur contract means you don't get paid to play (although they usually get a small amount to cover expenses.)

The reason some players want amateur contracts is that it allows them to remain elligible to play in the US college system (which is called the NCAA.) Once you get paid to play, the NCAA considers you a professional and you can no longer play college soccer.

Quite a few young Canadian play in the NCAA during the academic year and then play in the CPSL over the summer (on amateur contracts) to stay in shape. Playing in the NCAA on scholarship gets them a free university education while playing soccer at a high level. In fact, the NCAA is arguably a better developmental league than the CPSL - far more players in the US pro leagues (A-League and MLS) are developed in the NCAA than in the CPSL. As others have mentioned, a few young players have used the CPSL as a stepping stone to bigger and better things (Niki Budalic, Atiba Hutchinson, Elvis Thomas) but this pales compared to the number of professionals who come out of the NCAA ranks.

Mike D

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Just to add to what Mike just said, there are no colleges in Canada that play in the NCAA. That might be obvious to all of us, but maybe not ziv in Israel...

Mimglow, Ottawa


Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

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