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Winnipeg Sundogs draw Thunder Bay Chill

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Chill score 8 seconds into game; tie Winnipeg 1-1

By David Trifunov - The Chronicle-Journal

June 21, 2003

What started out as a potentially record-breaking afternoon, quickly melted into a lackluster effort for the Thunder Bay Chill.

Doco Wesseh scored just eight seconds into the game as the Chill an Winnipeg SunDogs tied 1-1 yesterday afternoon during exhibition soccer at Fort William Stadium.

The Chill, playing a friendly against a Winnipeg team petitioning to enter the Premier Development League next season, controlled play throughout and after the early goal appeared ready to teach the SunDogs a harsh lesson.

But the ’Dogs had a few tricks of their own and didn’t roll over and play dead.

“I think we controlled the ball better, we just didn’t finish well,” Wesseh said.

Winnipeg’s Moreno Alberti tied the game in the 54th minute when he beat the Chill defence to a looping cross and headed the ball past Armen Tonianse in goal.

After that the SunDogs retreated into a defensive shell and forced the Chill to beat several players before having any legitimate scoring chances.

Regardless, Winnipeg coach Paul Clarke was “satisfied” with the score.

“We’ll go back, we’ll regroup, we’ll talk about the game,” he said, not wanting to divulge any critical details about his team’s approach to today’s rematch.

Whatever they may be, both teams will need to make changes before the 1 p.m. kickoff. Thunder Bay controlled play and should’ve scored at will. But the shooting from outside was off and there wasn’t enough of a killer instinct in close.

It was a chance for the Chill to win over 1,500 new fans. The team broke its attendance record by opening the doors on “School Days” where elementary school kids who signed up to the Chill’s education incentive were allowed into the game. But the 1,625 fans seemed more concerned with winning free pizza than cheering their hometown heroes. And because the game’s anthem singer was delayed by 20 minutes, most fans had to leave and catch a school bus home. By the last 15 minutes, the stands were deserted.

They apparently took the Chill’s desire to win with them.

Chill midfielder Jordan Goetting said the club was excited to play in front of a full house, and that may have contributed to some nerves in the first half. Goetting, a Winnipeg native who played with or against almost every one of the SunDogs, said the Chill can definitely win today.

“It has to be better tomorrow,” he said.

Coach Tony Colistro said he was pleased with the effort regardless of the score. Everyone dressed played, giving his seldom-used backups important minutes. He didn’t scold his players after the game.

“I think they realize we kept possession, we kept the ball in our half 90 per cent of the time,” Colistro said.


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Heyyy, look who's joined the dark side.:)

Good article. Hate those freebie kid promos. Hate, hate, hate. Everybody everywhere seems to think the kids well bring football to the next level of support in this country and all they need is a little encouragement to come out by getting free tickets. Has it worked anywhere? I dough it. They just annoy the people who want to be at the match to watch football. Bah, humbug.

Week today at Eastside Eagles Football Field. Be there or be square.

"Minority of one"

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