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    • The Haitian commentator kept repeating the guy’s name over and over for 30 full seconds, even if he was just standing on the ball the whole time.
    • Exactly the position they need filled to
    • It's not perfect, but for me, the odds of a small amateur or semi pro league in the carribean of CA having the best officials are astronomical.  The better leagues have better quality control processes for their refs, offer more training, and have a huge selection pool from lower leagues they can pick from when they dismiss someone.  Also, when it comes to potential corruption, the whole fraud triangle idea comes into play.  Opportunity, motivation, justification.  It's not a condemnation of character or a certainty it will occur, but it's a fact that motivation will be higher for folks who make a pittance or nothing at all.  I think continuing to rotate refs in from countries like Grenada to appease their FA (sorry Grenada, just a random pick) is dangerous and 100% the reason you see so many ridiculous tackles going unpunished or reds for nothing.   There's a reason getting concacafed is a saying, the current system is not working at all.  I always breathe a sigh of relief when I see we are getting an MLS or Liga ref in a big game.
    • You know, when you say shit like, it just shows you’re just a miserable piece of shit human. I honestly don’t have any respect for you.
    • CONCACAF already invests money in fields for the poorer nations.  There's only so much they can do.  They aren't replacing the field turf before every game for potentially a one-off event and there's only so much you can do with the grass on some of these fields. Basing the officials on the league coefficient is a terrible idea.  You'd be penalizing potentially good officials from smaller nations just because their league is garbage.  But also, the quality of "professional" refs in MLS is also garbage.  Just try to figure out how the best officials are and select them.
    • I get that in the earlier rounds when the Caribbean and CA qualifiers are on the pitches will be hit or miss, but I think CONCACAF should be sending money for the final round tied to groundskeeping and/or penalizing/moving games where it's not up to snuff in the later rounds when champions league level players are coming in and risking their livelihood playing on a goat track and the field is dangerous or unplayable. Also without a doubt the reffing system needs to go... refs should be selected based on league coefficients so we're using only professional MLS and Liga officials in the later rounds.  Everybody gets a turn is a nice idea but we all know how it plays out in practice.  
    • You should've heard the guy on Paramount. Called everyone in the backline Johnston, called Eustaquio 'Stev-awn Yoo-sta-koo' and called Haiti's coach 'Gene-Jack,' could barely complete a sentence. I genuinely don't know where they find these people.
    • Didn't mean we should be afraid of them, just saying they're better than they were in 2018... it's incredible that they got out of the hex.  Andrade is now a starter for LASK in the Austrian Bundesliga btw, who are only behind Salzburg. Kennedy never got out of the second tier before joining Regensburg.
    • You could be right, I'm judging them from afar so I'm not tryna say I have it down with certainty, but I don't see much to be afraid of on paper.  A good player from the austrian leagues and a starting goalie from Uruguay are ok pieces but those would be supporting cast on our team.  Andrade is like Kennedy a year ago essentially without even having made the leap up yet.  Murillo and Rodriguez are the only guys I see there pushing for playing time on the CDN roster, those are two nice pieces, but still nowhere near a CONCACAF best 11.  I like Godoy and Torres too but realistically they are a 32 year old striker with a poor scoring rate and an MLS journeyman. The big thing with Panama and why I'd prefer Curacao even though they are better on paper is that they get away with ridiculous behavior at away games there that they shouldn't. I think the CSA should consider if we have to go there away, doing camp in Medellin, Cartegena or San Jose and having your charter go in there in the AM, it's only a 2 hour hop. 
    • Will be a while before I criticize Gareth Wheeler again after listening to that Haitian commentary feed for a bit.
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