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    • Where is Grizzly period??  Did he not make the switch to the new site??
    • Is this some kind of schizo sock puppet...2 sides of one guys personality arguing with themselves???  I love mls....my precious...no wese hates the tricksy garber and the unfair roster rules.....yes the complicated roster rules.....my precious.......
    • So based on the above video I think we can indeed assume that at least those 3 are returning.  With that in mind, any roster speculation? With the coach question answered the next big news will be who is staying and who is moving on.  We know several players are signed until 2023, and we've heard of several leaving. Here are my wild predictions (unless I've missed some news along the way):  Staying Contract to '23: Morelli, Campagna, Daniels, Mwandwe, Amla, Marshall  Executed Options or Renewing: Rampersad, Salter, Polisi, Santos, Schaale, De Rosario, Fernandez Leaving Confirmed or Rumored: Baskett, Lamothe, Gagnon-Lapare, Garcia Declining Options / Not Renewing: Oxner, Ruby, Bent, Escobar, Gagan, Nouajaa, Samb, Tabi   Also I have to say I'm still getting Gagnon-Lapare is where he is on my list.   
    • I actually think this is pretty fair. Where is Grizzly when you need him tho?
    • ......and besides isn't a sports channel (Canadian) supposed to cover a sports league (Canadian) whether or not you own a competing league team?
    • I am thinking there will be a ton of ridiculous threads, some petty sniping at each other, and a number of misguided attempts at seeming clever. 
    • Join UEFA nations league? That's not going to happen. Getting an invite to the Copa America would be about as good as it gets for Canada.
    • Evaluation of technical ability is not best measured by possession and shots, especially over one game. Technical ability can relate to these things but is far more difficult to observe, describe or measure. Plus, technical ability is down to each individual player in evaluation and has to be done in non game scenarios like training as well. There are many players in this tournament very gifted in technical ability on other teams that are over all not as skilled. 
    • No. I was hoping for one win in the group stage.
    • Well that was fun........ Now, the big question is "what's next?" March and June are Nations League and Gold Cup. After that it's a big question mark.  When is the next Nations League?  Will we play Copa America in 2024?  Can we get friendlies with UEFA giants? Next fall, there are several 5 team groups in UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying so there are a few teams with spare dates available to play including England.  Germany has no qualifiers.   South America has opted to keep the 10 team 18 game marathon WC qualifying format largely due to several FAs telling CONMEBOL they had already sold the TV rights.  There were talks of them joining the next UEFA Nations League but that's unlikely now with the calendar squeeze.  CONMEBOL teams will only be available up until late 2023 or early 2024 depending on when they decide to start qualifying. My dream scenario would be for Canada (along with US and Mexico) to play Copa America 2024 AND join UEFA Nations League for the next cycle in place of CONMEBOL if their rumoured participation falls through.  Fill the rest with a formalized North American Championship with US and Mexico home and away series.  Throw in some European friendlies (see above on UEFA 5 team groups) and the obligatory CONCACAF Nations League. Of course, it's not all that simple.  Politically, CONMEBOL is aligned with UEFA while CONCACAF is aligned with Infantino's bloc of CAF and Asia.  CONCACAF and CONMEBOL had a pissing match a few years ago over the Copa America after Montagliani got the job so some fences need to be mended. 
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