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  1. Agreed. As an aside, the rosters in September will be materially different than Sunday. USA may have 11 different players. We'll have 4-5 different players, maybe more (Davies, David, Milan, Eustaquio, Arfield maybe, Atiba maybe, etc.) Also, we're not good enough to get too cute (as you rightly say). We are trying to build a winning mentality and that is difficult. Taking the foot off the gas would be a step backward in approach. We might try hard and lose, but that is part of growing.
  2. I seem to recall that when BC pulled out (didn't Chicago and some others do the same?), it was down to some egregious guarantees FIFA were requesting, some around money and some others as well. I think the underlying issue was doing business with what has shown itself to be a very ethically compromised organization. Public funding of professional sports has never been a good idea (my opinion), but with some of the FIFA asks and their reputation, it felt like BC was making the principled and correct stand. If other jurisdictions follow, I won't criticize (as much as I otherwise want to watch the World Cup in Canada).
  3. They do miss Kimmich, who they will slot into the Thiago role (agreed, huge loss) and should appear more fluid and stable in the middle of the park once he is fit.
  4. I've seen and met a number of coaches who do similar in youth sport. That youth coaches look to professional coaches as behavioral models is to completely misunderstand the role of the youth coach. There has been much studied and written on this matter and the conclusions are overwhelming and clear. I find this equal parts infuriating and sad.
  5. This has no place in youth soccer (or any sport). For the large majority of kids, who are emotionally developing at this age, this will only alienate them from the sport. This is an empirically documented fact. Unreal.
  6. yes, seriously - just take a look through the last 20 OHL priority selections and for every Connor McDavid you will see 10 players you've never heard of. Couldn't agree more with the argument that you need to have competitive avenues for your players until they reach their early 20s (at least)
  7. I think this particular situation is informed, at least in part, by the fact that this is the Houston Dynamo affiliate. Offers a direct route to MLS.
  8. Does anyone know what TFC didn't see in him? Seems crazy they would have let a player of his caliber leave.
  9. Agree with that and also think Davies needs to be in an attacking role for Canada. Bayern is light years ahead of Concacaf competition and Davies would be wasted in a LB role for Canada given how we play and the level of other players on Canadian roster (i.e. way lower than Bayern level).
  10. Have to agree Delgado brings much more. Chapman has all kinds of talent, but very modest tactical wherewithal. Simply doesn't read the game well.
  11. How can we be so dumb as to not plan for contingencies? Honestly, we've been out-witted by the rest of the confederation. Canada has only Canada to blame and that we can't outrank countries with a fraction of our GDP per capita and population is utterly embarrassing. Sure, the CONCACAF qualification format is a joke, but what is the bigger joke...the format or our very long standing inability to field better teams in, at a minimum, the top six teams in our confederation? If we suffer from this format, we only suffer from our own ineptitude. To blame anyone or anything else would only perpetuate the approach and mentality we've consistently adopted and demonstrated over many decades.
  12. SF

    Fikayo Tomori

    Marcos Senna as well
  13. Hard to argue with you about Mathaus. His post playing career has been pure unintentional comedy.
  14. The CSA has taken to posting these documents on its website (there was a time when they were very loathe to do so) and I think they should be commended for this kind of transparency. As far as how to read the financials, I think the story is quite telling around both the CSA and soccer in general in our country. The statement that this is a small organization is spot on - very bare bones and limited in what it can achieve. In effect, this is a body that runs national team programs (and they are clearly not expansive programs) and sets standards (though they lack both the means to ensure execution). Further, the revenue base is largely dependent on grass roots fees (approx 40% after you adjust for the revenue items detailed in note 7). This financial model will never allow to the CSA to properly execute a long term national vision/strategy. The financial architecture of the system simply won't allow for top down leadership, which in most successful countries is what you will encounter. So, how do you fix this? That's the million dollar question and likely rests on (a) the sustained success of the mens program and (b) the ability to monetize any success.
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