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  1. win...win...win for me tonight.1st win dont have to listen to wheeler tonight,2nd win if tfc win great we move on,3rd win york win and tfc have to clean house.
  2. basically...pro mtl for playing canadians anti tfc for not playing canadians.mtl are developing canadians and tfc are not
  3. and so are tfc...not all of them play for tfc,but they are products of the academy
  4. i dont watch mtl much,what postion does he play and is he cmnt material?
  5. the 10th cometh of endoh after his third injury this season.when he is back he will start🤣
  6. maybe 2 or 3 of the canadians are cmnt quality
  7. yes...but that is who they are,they dont spent the money,but i give them credit for who they are and how they play
  8. i give credit to mtl for playing canadians,and playing well for the most part,but they are always fighting for a 6 or 7 seed and 3 or 4 of these guys are not a factor for the nats at this time,btw tfc suck this year,but without injuries i can see 3 to 4 canadians playing alot of min.
  9. class guy on and off the pitch,sorry to see him go.i can think of 6 or 7 of his teammates i wish would join him in retirement.
  10. the 10th coming of endoh,is he canadian yet
  11. they are protecting there young players,too much pressure to play them at home in front of 2000 fans tonight
  12. lets hope we get 14k.thats almost a sellout.im thinking 12k
  13. the fact we cant sell 15k is embarrassing,but at least we will probs outdraw the amount of people watching on ONE soccer
  14. i see 57 and 75 dollar tickets avail,but i think they overpriced alot of these tickets
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