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  1. with all the give aways today im surprised he went to the right bench when the engine got subbed,he had like 75% passing comp rating to the redbulls.
  2. delgado is garbage,yup i said it
  3. he wasnt that bad today,it was the vets that let them down,did jozy touch the ball today
  4. please enough of mullins starting ,i rather play without a striker,deleon and morrow are done,and gonzo is good for one blunder per game
  5. i agree i thought auro,gonzo,bradley bono were worse than singh,i dont think morrow or deleon touched the ball in the second half.
  6. he cut the angle enough,but bono was slow off his line like he always is.
  7. he looks lively,i remember the great game he had for tfc v Liverpool at skydome years ago.
  8. i agree...how do they play gallardo and dorsey ahead of nelson.tfc passed on st clair and tajon to draft dorsey.
  9. i think you are right,he has been in alot of pics and clips at camp this season and he was with the club all of last season.
  10. yes its early,but i rate Perruzza a tad higher,Ayo seems to be a bit injury prone,and his value is probs at it highest now, so i would sell him now plus tfc have some guys in the pipeline
  11. not that it matters,but jozy raves about the young talent on the club,we shall see.
  12. do they know what they are getting into dealing with curtis,at the pace he does deals it may take 2 years
  13. is it possible that the Suriname game could be played in Canada? if the covid rules change?
  14. yes and Canada is Canada,they have done nothing yet,they have had chances and have not close it.
  15. remember 4 years ago in EL SAV took that game lightly and missed the hex because of it,yes we have some nice talent,but we have done nothing yet.
  16. this is no time to f around,jus play your best and blast them,you want that goal diff advantage come june.
  17. they sure left alot of chips on table tonight,should of had at least 8 to 10 ,im not a fan of the keeper to many blunders over the years for my liking.
  18. reggietfc

    Qatar 2022

    futbol coverage in Canada is getting worse on basic tv,time to cut the cord for me,anyone know what is a good streaming service for futbol and sports in general
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