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CSL 2013--Week 2

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Result of the Sunday May 12, 2013 CSL game between

Toronto Croatia and Kingston FC played at Centennial

Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

22 min...KFC Catalin Lichioiu GOAL...KFC Edgar Soglo sends

pass from 22 yards in middle to right for Lichioiu to shoot

15 yarder from right into right side of net beyond goalie

Antonio Ilic.

28 min...TC Roberto Galle GOAL...TC Boris Tomac from 25 yards

on right rolls centering pass to TC Tihomir Maletic who spins

when covered by defender and rolls ball to left where charging

Galle boots 20 yarder over sprawling goalie Jaroslav Tesar

to right side of net.

40 min...TC Tihomir Maletic GOAL...TC Petar Mingon sends high

ball up middle from 60 yards and Maletic and defender and

goalie get to ball at the same time at 30 yards. Defender heads

ball down and back towards goal. Maletic races to loose ball

at 15 yards on far left and sends in sharp angle shot into

open net.

51 min...TC Tihomir Maletic GOAL...TC Robert Galle taps pass

around defender at 15 yards and Maletic sends 12 yard shot that

sprawling goalie looks like he gets a piece of but ball deflects

over him into left side of net.

58 min...KFC Nathan Klemencic GOAL...Klemencic in crowd of players

curls 15 yarder in middle that drops into top left corner of net.

Final Score:....Toronto Croatia......3.....Kingston FC......2....

Attendance was about 30 on this brutally cold and extremely windy

night. Comparisons were made to last year's CSL Final game played

at this stadium except that there was no rain during the game.

There were three or four showers earlier in the day followed

by periods of sunshine. [i'll go with the bad weather over

other reasons--Mother's Day, Maple Leafs hockey playoff game,

CSL only being able to announce their schedule two weeks ago].

Referee Yusri Rudolph gave out two Yellow cards in the game

that counted--both to Croatia players and both for fouls

on KFC Edgar Soglo. This drew some hecklers to make loud

crying sounds whenever after Soglo got the ball. Biggest

controversy in the game though was when at 63 minutes Rudolph

initially signalled a third goal for Tihomir Maletic but was

waved over by one of the referee's assistants and cancelled

the goal on a hand ball. Maletic had run towards the net

to deflect a cross at the one yard line and the way he

twisted his body the ball hit him just above the elbow.

Other good scoring chances were at 12 minutes when TC Maletic

flicked an 8 yard header from the left that the diving goalie

pushed wide right for a cornerkick. 38 minutes had Maletic

take a cornerkick from the right that had a TC player get away

a low flying header from 7 yards on the left that a defender

blocked at 2 yards. 45 minutes had Maletic cross from the right

that TC Josip Keran booted a 3 yarder from the left post that

the goalie deflected wide left. 78 minutes had Maletic step

through two defenders up the middle and shoot an 18 yarder

just wide right of the post. 84 minutes had TC Ainsley Deer

cutting in from the left parallel to the 20 yard line and cut

a shot just over the bar. 91 minutes had KFC Jason Massie shoot

a low 18 yard shot off the left post and a defender booted

the rebound for a cornerkick.

Croatia played well throughout the game--whereas I thought

KFC fortunes might change when they changed ends at halftime.

Many KFC longball passes in the second half just bounced out

of play or to the goalie. The 63 minute no-goal ruling made

the game a nailbiter to the 94 minute ending time.

The Croatia lineup is almost unchanged from last year's

except that leading scorer (with 16 goals) Marin

Vucemilovic-Grgic was sold to London City. Management

has signed four new players from Croatia (the country) and

they may make their appearance as soon as next week.

Only player I noticed that wasn't on the TC roster last year

was winger Roberto Galle who played for TFC Academy last

year. Tonight his speed and crosses were excellent.

This was the opening game for Toronto Croatia, the two time

CSL defending champions. Kingston FC had won the only game

played last weekend to be the early leader in ths standings.

Rocket Robin


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